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West Asian Games

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Doha is currently hosting the West Asian Games (coincidentally clashing dates with the Southeast Asian Games in Manila).

Doha will be the host of next year's Asian Games and by the looks what's happening now... hmm... I don't know.. they've got the money, but organizing a big multisports games?

Chaotic start for West Asian Games

The Third West Asian Games got off to a chaotic start after the Omani and Syrian soccer teams turned up at different venues for their opening game.

Organisers laid the blame on the driver of the Syrian team bus who took the team to the Rayyan Stadium while the Omani team were getting ready at the Gharrafa Club where the match was supposed to be played.

Syria coach Miloslav Radenovic was at a loss for words to describe the situation.

"It was a very strange situation and something I have not experienced before," said Radenovic.

The Games were declared open on Thursday evening at an opening ceremony devoid of the usual razzle-dazzle and featuring only a march past by participating teams and a brief fireworks display.

Qatar National Olympic Committee vice-president Sheikh Saoud bin Ali al-Thani declared the Games open in front of about 3,000 spectators at the Qatar Sports Club which has a seating capacity of 18,000.

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Well, at least it is a "trial run" for the 2006 Asian Games. Let's hope that the organizers can improve from here in preparation for those upcoming Games.

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