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2020 Bid?

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Not really hindsight - the clues were there for both bids, something that perhaps Madrid (and other cities) should realistically consider before spending millions on a bid.

2012 - really... did they really think they could land the Games only 20 years after 1992 - and up against cities like Paris and London, which have a higher international profile than Madrid?

2016 - after London 2012 and Sochi 2014 did they really expect a third consecutive European Games to be awarded to Spain?

I thought the underlying note of your original post was: what was Madrid's motivation in bidding in those 2 years? And the answer is: a mix of a certain 'quixotic,' Castilian dementia; emboldened by the fact that they could recruit the senior IOC statesman to call in his chips for king and country. Cold, hard logic indeed seems to have been thrown out the window in their last 2 bids.

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Gracias por el nsulto pero solo era un comentario pa er opiniones! usa nonsesnse en vez de estupido, por lo menos sabiendo que es mi comentario el q lo genera.

No kiero problemas y menos con uno de mi pais.

Sorry, I know it's a bit late but I hadn't read this before... I wasn't trying to offend anyone, if I did so I'm sorry ;)

I just meant I don't like fanatic people (not everyone) that prefer Sevilla over Madrid to bid for the Olympics when it's clear that Sevilla wasn't shortlisted when it decided to bid. But I know a possible bid coming from that city would have its supporters, and I will respect them as long as they don't talk nonsense.

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