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Legacy Venue Renders

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I noticed in Chicago's final presentation of some renders of the legacy venues of Chicago in their post-games state. The Douglas Park Velodrome was hosting a cycling event in 2019, and there was an overhead shot of the downsized Olympic Stadium. It looked very interesting to me.

Were these renders released before, and if not, did anyone see them in the presentation?

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I have never seen them before, but yes I did see them in the presentation.

My reaction to the reduced stadium was negative though. It didn't look like much to me.

Here are some pictures from the presentation video.

Olympic Water Sports Complex


Olympic Stadium


Douglas Park Velodrome


West Side Multi-Sports Venue


If anyone has better images of these, please feel free to share them. My question is, if the presentation was the first time these renders were shown, why? I feel like seeing the physical legacy for youth sports venues could have helped to sway at least some of those in Chicago, who think they would have gotten nothing out of a "two-week party." One of the many missteps for Chicago 2016 if this is the case.

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