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Hong Kong East Asian Games 2009 Emblem

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Here is the winner of the emblem competition, which will be the official emblem. According to the official homepage, it says:

"The Firework Show at Victoria Harbour is well known to the world. The show is hailed as the acme of perfection each time when the fireworks are set off. This design employs firework graphics of five colours implying the five Olympic rings, and the sparkling fireworks symbolise that the efforts and potentials of the participants are brought into full play to achieve splendid records.

"The magnificent fireworks shining with boundless radiance denote that strengths and potentials can bring about brilliant achievement. This dovetails with the spirit of 2009 East Asian Games, which advocates solidarity, harmony and realisation of potentials, and also leads us to the picture that Hong Kong is a "City of Life", brimming with progressiveness, freedom, liberty and dynamic movements.

"The spirit of the East Asian Games, like that of the Olympics, emphasise the gathering of strengths, development of potentials and creation of miracles. This firework design not only manifests the joyful atmosphere of the East Asian Games, but also foretells that the Games will become a spectacular event of the region."

Other outstanding designs:

pic2.jpg Fairness and Freedom

pic3.jpg Asian Full Force

pic4.jpg Of Heart of Fire

pic5.jpg Together, We Participate

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Not to go off-topic here, but there are interest in bidding for the East Asian Games after Hong Kong in this topic for 2013. One of them is some city from Taiwan. The other nation interested, in which baron is going to like, is Mongolia.
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