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The 2022 Commonwealth Games Competition

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Sure thing - if you feel that is necesary. I can just note the dates you've chosen. Are you sure though - the winter on the GC is not that warm...

Late June is quite nice here - Mid to low 20s celsius, very little rain. Great conditions in my opinion :)

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The amended Gold Coast Bod Book and the Toronto Bid Book have been received.

Stevie - you have a few days yet. I am still waiting on a few bid books and this competition has just sped along really well - so there is no real hurry.

sweet as. btw did you get my pm?

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Sadly Danny we will pass on your Rio candidacy. The Commonwealth has enough nutjobs in it as it is :)

Ok, no problems... Rio is not disappointed...

We will try now the Francophony Games...

You know, we have a lot of french words in portuguese: Abat-jour, fecho-eclair, croissant, baguette...


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OK here is where we are at -


Cardiff WALES

Gold Coast AUSTRALIA (bid book received)

Halifax CANADA (bid book received)

Islamabad PAKISTAN (bid book received)

Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM (bid book received)

Perth AUSTRALIA (bid book received)

Singapore SINGAPORE (bid book received)

Toronto CANADA (bid book received)

Valetta MALTA

Is anyone else planning on completing a bid book? End of the week is fine :)

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