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Those of you who are staying up all night, what channel will be broadcasting or is it possible online?!

And all I got to say :

Gooood LUCK RIO and ChiCaGo!!!

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Oh gosh. I am on pins and needles.

I just checked the IOC's web-site. The schedule is a follows (based on Eastern Time):

2:45 AM - Chicago presentation

4:05 AM -Chicago press confrence

4:25 AM - Tokyo presentation

5:45 AM - Tokyo press confrence

6:05 AM - Rio presentation

8:15 AM - Rio press confrence

8:45 AM - Madrid presentation

10:05 AM - Madrid press confrence

11:10 AM - IOC votes on the host city

12:30 PM - Announcement of the bid winner

1:30 PM - Host city signs official contract

Not sure what is meant by press confrence. I guess that's when the bid comittee will have a sort of Q&A session.

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I imagine CNN will probably carry it live, and maybe some of the other major news networks (Fox, MSNBC, etc.) but I honestly have no idea. If I remember correctly, CNN had the live announcement 2 years ago when Sochi won the 2014 winter games.

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for Brazilians:

Live full coverage at


Sportv and Band Sports (full coverage), Globo News and Record News in its regular programmes

Open air TV:

Globo (at the announcement in Jornal Hoje), Band (during its programmes) and Record (flashes).

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Everyone, don´t forget that, by the time the anouncement is made, there will probably be only 2 cities remaining. If no city gets more than 50% of the votes, only the last one is eliminated and it will be anounced at least quite some time earlier.

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I don't think Globo internacional Is live here and there's probly a sattelite delay. I'll stay tunned on CNN espn or NBC.

I wouldn't bet on ESPN. They seem to be more concerned with the sports side of the games rather than the business/organizational side, though I could be wrong since I'm not always tuned in to that channel.

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