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Korean Student


Eric Wainaina (Kenya, Atlanta 1996 Bronze medallist and Sydney 2000 Silver medallist)


“As an athlete, I am delighted to take part in Japan’s enthusiastic effort to bring the Games to Tokyo in 2016. The Tokyo 2016 Bid Committee has sought the advice of athletes at every step of developing its Games Plan, aiming to create an ideal environment for athletes to achieve their full potential. I support Tokyo 2016 because I believe it will offer the best conditions to unite and inspire the world with a dynamic plan that sets the stage for heroes in the heart of Japan’s wonderfully safe and vibrant capital.”

American musical group Boyz II Men expressed their support for the Tokyo bid


“Tokyo is a city we have been fortunate enough to have performed in since 1993. It is a multicultural place full of friendly faces, and we know it is also somewhere our fellow entertainers love to come. From its cutting-edge technology to its people’s hospitality and passion for sport, Tokyo is the perfect stage for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Candra Wijaya, Tony Gunawan (Indonesia, 2000 Sydney badminton gold medalist)


Candra Wijaya said: “I was delighted when Tokyo was selected as a Candidate City for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Japan is renowned for its world-class facilities and organisation skills and I am lucky to have been able to participate in one of Japan’s great sporting competitions and experience the country's hospitality at first hand. Tokyo is a wonderful city and I'm very excited about the prospect of being a part of the Games here in 2016 and I urge people across the world to lend their support to Tokyo 2016.

Tony Gunawan said: “I love Japan. I love the Japanese food, the atmosphere…everything! I would be absolutely ecstatic if Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games and would relish the opportunity to participate as a coach or even be there as a spectator. The badminton courts are great and the environment is fantastic.”

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France's Chirac backs Tokyo for 2016 Olympics


"I hope that the city of Tokyo succeeds in its campaign to have the Olympic Games in 2016," Chirac said at a function at the French embassy in the Japanese capital.

I am certain that the Games will find here in Tokyo a fertile ground to send to the world a message of harmony and solidarity,"

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