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Bbc America Report On Chicago's Bid


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Exactly, but most people aren't nerds like us; they don't follow these things in detail.

That said, it was more of an opinion piece than a news item anwway.

True on the surface - but depends on who the audience is.

Chicago in 2009 is largely the same Chicago that I've known for about 10 years or so but has been evolving and changing constantly. If someone doesn't know Chicago in the 21st Century at all (Michael Jordan's peak was years before 2000, Capone's been dead for over 60 years, the DNC protest disaster was 40 years ago), it's news. It's not news to a Chicagoan that we can find kids from 30 nationalities peacefully studying in together in a single classroom. Or that - aside from sports crazy residents - we also have an amazing park at Randolph and Michigan and world-class art and cuisine. But it may be news to the people who know very little about Chicago today.

CHItown '16

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