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Will "i Bowl Like Special Olympics" Obama Hurt The Bid?

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I am French and negative by nature... Sorry we just are that way...

Anyway... I know enough to call it a $40 million effort is a joke....

The games take $100's of millions to bid and $1-2 billion to pull off....

But I am just a spectator, waiting for Rio to knock Chicago's lights out!


I've known plenty of French people over the years and they are pretty positive, nice people.

No, you can't blame your behavior on "we just are that way." It's really just you.

CHItown '16

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No the Special Olympics comment would not hurt the bid. And all the French friends I have are not negative nancy/debbie downers.

By the way, the applications and the bid process including international marketing cost about $50 million dollars of which the Committee raised more than that with a total of $77 million. The rest of the money I believe is going to World Sports Chicago an initiative to help and motivate urban kids develop Olympism and sports.

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