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2020 - The Vote!

2020 Final Vote Off!  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. It is time to decide!

    • Ashgabad
    • Jerusalem
    • Mogadishu
    • Tbilisi

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You now have 72 to vote for the winner of the Innapropriate Olympic Host competition.

Mecca has withdrawn due to their inflammable tent city rosting 1,200 Hajis yet again and sadly discovering their comprehensive insurance was part of a Lehman Brothers ponzi scheme. Too bad so sad. See kids Allah (PBUH) does not look after all his kids after all!

As such the other 4 city will continue onto the vote off.

One vote per person - it is time to market your arses off!

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Vote Jerusalem the winner!!!!!!



Please vote for Jerusalem 2020 as the winner of the inappropriate Olympic competition.

I really need your votes!

This is different to the pledge you made earlier - you now have to go to the section linked below and vote for Jerusalem!

Here is the link:

vote Jerusalem2020 as the winner!

Come on - we can win this!

Shalom! :)

And remember, you will all receive our free official merchandise!


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I voted for the city with the best bid logo. Which is the proper way to assess bids and determine which city to support, really.

Except when the bid logo is a copy of Chicago 2016, at least i made an effort to make a new logo for Ashgabad :P

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The next election should be a bid from the past...like a replacement host for one of the canceled WW years in a country not directly affected by the wars.

I want the next competition to be a second city competition. Have criteria that the city can't be a national capital, has to have a population below 2 million and is not as famous as another city in the same country pretty much.

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You shoud realise Oakey that TNMP has a great say in these matters

The winning city can be determined by his mood and what he pleases, especially with this competition when he has to consult the great Uday.

I myself have had experience of this, with my Ekaterinburg 2028 bid winning, recieving the least ammounts of votes, litle did i know that the competition was reversed :)

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