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Rugby: New Zealand v Wales,Ire,Eng,Sco.


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:) New Zealand kicked of it's Grand Slam Rugby tour of the Home nations today with a convincing win over long time favorite opponants, Wales.

New Zealand 41

Wales 3

All Black management very happy with the results.


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You think it's in the bag do you? Maybe the world champions will have something to say about that.

:rock: ...ahh yes arwebb, you said the same thing about the Lions tour didn't you? :hmm:


Still, I and many here wished Wales was last on the tour instead of Scotland, but have to remember that Wales was the late entry.

Totally new All Black team to play Ireland this Saturday, looking foward to it!!! :)

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Meh, it's the media that creates the *favourite* tag, if you ask each team before they head off to the world cup if they see themselves as favourites, then that is something to talk about.

But just because a team doesnt meet the expectations of Joe Journalist in Dublin, doesnt become any ultimate guage for me.

But of course winning a world cup in that long isnt acceptable for me as an All Black fan.

BUT, if the All Blacks win the 2007 World Cup, and then have a shocking 2008, losing matches left right and centre - who really cares about the World Cup, that All Black team is now not performing and should be bollocked for it.

Rugby is a sport that has been going for over a century, with a bunch of major international teams that have had rivalries for that long.

It is a sport where without a doubt playing for the nation is the ultimate for any player, and while of course the world cup is the pinacle, every year should be important for the team.

I think alot of it can be summed up in the fact that one of the greatest All Black achievements was winning their first series win against the Springboks on South African soil. We had some absolute legends in that team, and you could see how much it meant to them - and that wasnt at a World Cup.

As for this tour, if the boys win, I give them a pat on the back, they have done what we have asked of them.

This match against Ireland, hmmm, Im not entirely sure. It is a very raw team and I cant say i have huge confidence in Nick Evans at first five, perhaps I would have more, if it was the regular backup to Dan Carter - Luke McAlister.

We will see.

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It's all very well for New Zealand to play wonderful rugby (today was too easy at times) but, and forgive me for sounding like a broken record when I say this, you have to peak when it matters. England did two years ago and that's why you're playing the world champions at Twickenham next Saturday afternoon.
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Not that I'm about to get carried away with our 26-16 win over Australia this afternoon. We made heavier weather than we should have done and will have to step up again next week.

:D Your allowed to gloat when you beat Australia... we do! :D

Still if the knives are already sharpened in the Australian camp, then surely the first cuts will be made.  I don't think Australia has had such a terrible loosing streak before.

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