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England Football Manager Supports Madrid 2016


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It has to be Madrid for 2016, says England boss

Fabio Capello: homes from home / Fotosports.com

KEIR RADNEDGE / Sports Features Communications

LONDON/MADRID: England manager Fabio Capello is hoping that his success with one of his adopted countries rubs off on one of his others.

Capello has spoken up in support of the 2016 Olympic Games host bid from Madrid where he spent two separate successful spells as coach of Real Madrid. He guided them to the Spanish league title in 1997 and then again in 2007.

These were Capello's only ventures into football management outside Italy before he succeeded Steve McClaren as manager of England in 2008. Earlier this month his rebuilt England team secured their place in next year's World Cup finals in South Africa. Addressing the Olympic bidding contest, Capello commented that Madrid was "the only choice" for 2016.

Another Italian supporting Madrid is Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the chairman of Ferrari and Fiat and organising leader of the 1990 World Cup finals in Italy.

Montezemolo participated in a recent Forum Marca with the Spanish Secretary of State for Sport Jaime Lissavetzsky and Mayor of Madrid Alberto Ruiz Gallardón.

He said that because of his great friendship with the mayor, having secured Spanish bank Santander as a sponsor and having had a Spanish test driver, Marc Gené, there was no question over his loyalty for and support of Madrid 2016.

The International Olympic Committee meets in Congress in Copenhagen on October 2 to decide between the rival 2016 claims of Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.


Here's the link:

Capello supports Madrid

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I wonder how many more of these pledges for support we'll see in the next week from famous figures, pledges which in reality will have little effect on anything. Another nice name to add to the list for Madrid, but nothing more.

As more media attention is turned onto the candidate cities, of course more information will emerge regarding where people's support lies.

Madrid can also add Usain Bolt to the list of supporters too!

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