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2010 Fifa World Cup: South Africa


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FIFA messed up with the ticketing system and the ticketing centres. Great to see good demand.

FIFA says 53,000 tickets sold in 8 hours Posted 17m ago | Comment | Recommend E-mail | Save | Print | rssbox.gif

By Gerald Imray, AP Sports Writer JOHANNESBURG — FIFA said 53,000 World Cup tickets were sold in the first eight hours of the final phase on Thursday, and blamed high demand for the technical problems that caused delays and led to fan frustration. FIFA said 23 of the 64 games were sold out after tickets went on sale at ticket centers and banks across South Africa.

Match, the company employed by FIFA to run the ticket process, apologized for the glitches which led police to be called to centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria to calm frustrated fans.

Match chief executive Jaime Byrom said they "identified the challenges" and thanked fans for their patience.

About 500,000 seats were made available to local fans, the first time 2010 tickets could be bought for cash.

Earlier, police were called to the World Cup ticket center in Cape Town as FIFA's attempt to boost sluggish ticket sales made fans angry at the delays caused by technical difficulties.

A crowd gathered at the entrance to the center and chanted and yelled at organizers. Police were called to keep them calm.

After 3{ hours, only 32 people out of a crowd of about 1,000 managed to buy tickets.

"No one's informed us what's going on. No one's directing the public outside. A primary school sports event could be better organized than this," said Theo Spangenberg, who had been waiting for 16 hours and still hadn't made it inside the newly opened facility. "For a World Cup, an international event of this nature, it's a really, really bad show."

The carnival atmosphere at the start of the day, as fans across the country were given a first chance to buy some of the 500,000 tickets still available, quickly disappeared in Cape Town. About 300 tickets for the final were to be sold on a first-come first-served basis.

Fans inside the ticketing center slept on the floor as they waited to be served.

A representative from Match said she could not guarantee that every person would be helped on Thursday.

"I can understand there's a lot of frustrated people outside, and we have experienced some teething problems, since it is our first day," Christa Venter said. "The IT guys are well aware of the problem. Obviously it is a timely process, since we are experiencing quite high volumes at this stage countrywide."

Earlier in Cape Town, a 64-year-old man died of an apparent heart attack, but it was not related to the problems at the ticket office.

Local media also reported crowd scuffles at the ticket office in Pretoria.

The ticket centers opened across the country at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT) for the last phase of sales. Thousands of fans lined up outside the Maponya shopping mall in Soweto -- near where the opening game and the final will be held at Soccer City.

FIFA ticket center manager Richard Lalla said the final tickets would last "a few minutes," but that was enough time for Malin Fisher, a 32-year-old trainee church minister, who spent more than 10,000 rands ($1,370) on six tickets, including two for football's biggest game.

Fisher was first through the doors after queuing overnight and said it was "an incredible feeling" to have tickets.

"There are no words (to describe it). I've spent a couple of rands but it's all worth it," he said while holding his tickets up for photographers and TV cameras. "The Internet and applying was a bit frustrating but to be able to buy World Cup final tickets over the counter, that was amazing."

Fisher is one of many South Africans to be frustrated by FIFA's initial online process, which did not work for local supporters who are not used to buying tickets for football games on the Internet. Many are on low incomes and have no access to the Internet and no credit cards.

"I didn't even bother to go onto the Internet to buy because it was a waste of time to me," Nodoimpela Dlamini said as he waited patiently outside Maponya Mall. "Most of my colleagues who had applied through the Internet had been refused and actually couldn't get tickets."

FIFA and local organizers are under pressure to sell the remaining 450,000 match tickets for the monthlong tournament, which begins on June 11, to avoid a PR disaster of empty stadiums.

"I think the original process had to be put in place so that everyone across the country and across the world could have a fair chance to get their hands on some tickets," Lalla said. "Now that it is over the counter, I think our South African market is excited because this is what we are used to, this is our culture. It's more for our market now and people will do really well with the tickets that are left."

In Sandton, an upper class area in Johannesburg, the city's second ticket center was also hit by technical problems. Ticket machines had "out of order" signs on them and police were called to watch over the disgruntled fans.

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Cape Town games sold out

Eyewitness News | 7 Minutes Ago As weary fans returned to their queues for 2010 Fifa World Cup tickets on Friday morning, it emerged tickets for all Cape Town games were sold out within a few hours on Thursday.

There were scenes of excitement, anger, frustration and outright chaos at many ticketing centres when problems emerged with the online system. Officials were unable to sell tickets efficiently as a result.

Fifa released 500 000 tickets in the fifth and final phase of sales on Thursday morning. The phase is the only one in which stubs are sold over the counter.

Officials from Fifa, Match and FNB said they would do what they could to avoid a repeat of Thursday’s chaos.

World Cup Organising Committee chief Danny Jordaan said while officials were celebrating the high turnout, it was a day of mixed emotions.

“Clearly it was a day of celebrations for the turnout and the fact that people got tickets but also also sadness for those who had to wait for hours and were frustrated,” said Jordaan.

In Brooklyn, Pretoria, angry soccer fans spoke out about what they called police brutality.

As people pushed to get their tickets, police officers used pepper spray and fired rubber bullets.


Thousands of eager soccer fans were turned away at the Cape Town ticketing office as all matches at the Cape Town Stadium was announced to have been sold out.<br style="font-family: Arial;"><br style="font-family: Arial;">Many fans were furious because of a lack of communication from Fifa officials about the availability of tickets.<br style="font-family: Arial;"><br style="font-family: Arial;">Within three hours of the ticket office opening, all the cheap tickets had already been sold out.<br style="font-family: Arial;"><br style="font-family: Arial;">Two hours later, all eight matches at Cape Town Stadium, including the first semi-final, were sold out.<br style="font-family: Arial;"><br style="font-family: Arial;">One man who waited in the queue told Eyewitness News that Fifa had only created more confusion than anything else.<br style="font-family: Arial;"><br style="font-family: Arial;">“I don’t think it was organised very well. There weren’t enough updates," he said.<br style="font-family: Arial;"><br style="font-family: Arial;">Ticketing offices will be open from 9am in the mornings seven days a week for ticket collections and sales for all other World Cup venues.

Meanwhile, Match said if more tickets for World Cup games in Cape Town become available it would notify the public.

At the same time, FNB said it was working with online specialists from Match to ensure smoother ticket sales on Friday.

Fifa’s online ticket sales systems also crashed on Thursday night.

FNB’s Barry de Wit said the bank could not be blamed because it was Match’s ticketing systems which crashed.

“All we could do was to work with them to get the system to speed up. From the FNB side we did all we could to ensure that it works,” said de Wit.

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Hospital Bend opens ahead of schedule

Critical interchange on Airport to City Centre route


Traffic flow into Cape Town from Rhodes Drive (M3) and Settlers Way (N2) is expected to ease soon as the preselection lanes on Hospital Bend in the direction of the city will be opened to traffic for the first time on Saturday. People will also be able to use the new links to and from Anzio Road to access and leave Groote Schuur Hospital and Main Road Observatory.

The City planned to open these lanes at midnight last night, but strong winds yesterday prohibited the contractor from handling the large directional signs that need to be fixed to the gantries. The opening of the lanes will therefore be postponed to Saturday afternoon, 17 April.

Motorists travelling out of the city have already been getting a feel for the newly upgraded Hospital Bend intersection as the new De Waal Drive outbound preselection bridge was opened on Wednesday, 7 April. One lane of the old De Waal Drive bridge has since been closed to complete the alterations. The opening of the De Waal Drive preselection lane last week was the first stage in the completion of the Hospital Bend Project, which will be officially opened on 22 April.

With the construction of the Hospital Bend interchange over the past two years, Rhodes Drive inbound has been widened on the left-hand side and a pre-selection lane has been created on the right-hand side from Rhodes Drive towards Eastern Boulevard.

From Saturday afternoon, traffic from Rhodes Drive heading towards Eastern Boulevard will have the option of selecting this new right hand lane before getting to the Hospital Bend interchange. The new preselection lane will take them to their destination without the need for any further lane changes. People who wish to use De Waal Drive must preselect the left lanes prior to Hospital Bend. Drivers who make an incorrect lane choice before the interchange can still move through the lanes once they are on Hospital Bend going uphill, but this will not be desirable for the optimal operation of the interchange.

The links to and from Anzio Road will also be opened to traffic on Saturday. Traffic heading into the city from Anzio Road will now travel in the left lane (not the right lane as previously) and head over the new Anzio Road bridge. The links to and from Rhodes Drive will work as before.

Motorists are advised to take note of the new directional signage, which will clearly indicate the lanes to be used.

It is expected that the operation of the interchange will improve with time as motorists become familiar with the new routes and the concept of preselection lanes.

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Over 100,000 tickets sold after 24 hours

16 April 2010 By: Local Organising Committee

Johannesburg - The demand for tickets within the 2010 FIFA World Cup host country continues to grow as the fifth and last sales phase enters it’s second day. The first 24 hours saw a total of just over 100,000 tickets sold as thousands of football fans queued at the 11 Ticketing Centres (in all Host Cities) and the 600 FNB branches nationwide. “We are very pleased with the interest and with the latest figures”, emphasises Horst R. Schmidt, Chairman of the FIFA Ticketing-Sub-Committee.

As of noon today, a number of knock-out stage matches including the three Round of 16, one Quarter Final and the third and fourth place play-off, 28 Group games were still available. (11 of those including price category 4 for South African residents).

Due to the high demand, a total of 29 matches are currently no longer available (including the final, the two semi-finals and the opening game as well as all games in Durban and Cape Town) . Tickets for these games might still come back (in small quantities) to the public sales in the future.

To view the availability chart of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches, visit: https://lmsfwctickets.fifa.com/LMS/MatchAvailability.aspx

Other sales channels than the 11 Ticketing Centres (see addresses attached) and the 600 FNB branches include the Call Centre (SA number: 83 123 2010, International number: +41 44 583 2010) and the official tournament website www.FIFA.com. Please be aware: The additional 18 sales points at Shoprite/Checkers will only open up by Monday.

The Ticketing Centres will be also operating on both Saturdays and Sundays 09H00 - 18h00.


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130,000 tickets in 36 hours

World Cup ticket sales continue to climb


Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:19am GMT Print | Single Page [-] Text [+] 1 of 1Full Size JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African soccer fans continued to snap up World Cup tickets on Saturday in the final phase of sales, embracing a move to an over-the-counter system.

World governing body FIFA said more than 130,000 of 500,000 tickets on offer had been sold less than two days after opening up cash sales at ticketing centres and some bank branches.

The vast majority of the seats were taken up by South Africans, who had previously been slow to buy tickets for the month-long tournament, which starts on June 11.

Over-the-counter sales of tickets in South Africa, which began on Thursday, sparked initial chaos as thousands of fans rushed to buy, crashing the computer system.

"After less than 36 hours of the fifth and last ticketing over-the-counter sales phase at the 11 ticketing centres and the 600 FNB (First National Bank) branches in the host country, over 130,000 tickets had been sold to the general public," FIFA said.

Sales offices are staying open over the weekend.

FIFA said late on Friday tickets for 29 of the 64 World Cup matches were no longer available, including the July 11 final, two semi-finals, the June 11 opening match and all matches in Durban and Cape Town.

All the national team's matches and most games with the other five African squads are also sold out.

Organisers moved to cash sales after being criticised for a complicated Internet-based system that effectively excluded millions of poor black South Africans who do not have access to the Internet or bank accounts.

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Giant wheel will keep an eye on Cape Town


April 17, 2010 Edition 2

Bianca Capazorio

Cape Town will have a giant wheel, similar to those in London and Paris, at the V&A Waterfront ahead of the World Cup - and it will remain for at least six months.

The 50m diametre wheel, designed and supplied by Wheel of Excellence, is being shipped to South Africa from the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

It is smaller than the London Eye (which is 135m high), but similar to the 60m wheel in London's Hyde Park.

Ronald Bussink, its designer, said it couldn't be compared to a Ferris wheel: "This is a stand-alone, a major tourist attraction."

The wheel has 36 enclosed air-conditioned capsules holding eight people. Each trip accommodates 288 people.

Running daily from 10am until 10pm (with the possibility of extending running hours until midnight), the wheel could accommodate 15 000 riders a day.

At night it is lit up by 2 million LED lights, which consume only two kilowatts of energy an hour.

It will be set up at the Gateway Canal at the Waterfront, accessed from the Coen Steytler entrance.

Tickets for a ride are expected to sell for R70, but the Waterfront expects to have various pricing plans, including family packages, and a cost for the hiring of a private cabin. A VIP cabin with leather seats and Champagne bar will also be available .

Two of the cabins are accessible to wheelchair users.

The wheel will turn at a stately "panoramic speed" and each trip will last 15 to 20 minutes, allowing those on top panoramic views of Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape Town Stadium and the Paarl Mountains. The Waterfront in-tends having the wheel functioning as early as June.

"This is a major coup... it's the first time a wheel like this has been in South Africa," said V&A Waterfront commercial director for 2010, John Elliott.

There are Wheel of Excellence wheels in major tourist destinations such as London, Brisbane, Perth, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur and Niagara Falls.

Elliott said the required permits had been obtained from the city. The permit is valid for six months.

Felicity Purchase, the mayoral committee member for Economic Development and Tourism, said news of the wheel was "tremendous".

"I have been on the London Eye and the Singapore Eye and at each one there are permanent queues."

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Ok, we can swop. Send us Rome's Calatrava Aquatic Centre/Arena. :) Pop in an athletics stadium too!

Don't tempt me. :)

I'd like to see a stadium like this here. Our's just look almost like relics. <_<

Besides, Pope is going to quit so.. :D

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I think its the highest average stadium capacity since USA 1994.

Half the matches are now sold out.

85% of all tickets sold. The LOC targeted 60%, so I think they'll make some kind of profit.

4 venues are sold out, with the odd ticket perhaps available closer to the WC.

I think even Pretoria is almost sold out.

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South Africa issues free visas for World Cup

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa is issuing visas free of charge to World Cup ticket-holders in a bid to entice more foreign fans to snap up unsold seats.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba told Reuters that visa fees, normally costing 425 rand, would be waived for fans who held a ticket.


World Cup organisers launched a drive last week to sell hundreds of thousands of tickets -- many of them returned from abroad or by corporate sponsors -- before the tournament begins on June 11.

Estimates for the number of foreigners coming to South Africa for the World Cup, first to be held on the continent, have recently been sharply reduced from 450,000 to 200,000.

Nationals of countries who do not need visas to enter South Africa, like Britain, will be unaffected by the new scheme.


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All World Cup stadia are required to have holding cells, a police office and a nearby police station to process hooligans along with more holding cells.

Each stadium also needs an equivalent of 2-5 hospital beds with a hospital with emergency facilities specifically allocated to that venue.

Each stadium also needs a FIFA Mascot changing room, ball boy changing rooms, etc etc

Here are my images of the holding cells:




43412881@N06.jpg?1255098002#43412881@N06 Uploaded on April 23, 2010

by smee.bruce 4545549123_a0d4d7b15a_b.jpg

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