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Pro-team For Las Vegas


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Real Estate(City Center) is such a sh*tty gamble in Vegas, but having a pro-team would be a great idea.

There are a few sub-par Professional teams that would fit in quite well on the Strip.

NBA: Sacramento KINGS

MLB: Kansas City ROYALS

NFL: Cleveland BROWNS

you just need to change the BROWNS to the CEASARS or PHARAOHS

The developer could even take a cue from Dubai's proposed Sports Center, and have all 3 Venues right next to eachother on the northern Strip and have the Vegas monorail have a stop at each venue.

For forever it seems shows in Vegas have been magic and singing, but a pro-team would have ZERO problems filling seats.

I know sports betting is a concern, but its really a moot point, they have betting on world cup and presidential races, wether the team in on the strip or in the MEadowlands, betting happens, proximity is a rediculous notion to deny a city a franchise, especially one that would be so easily profitable. The only mandate is that no casino or gambling corporation have anything to do with the financing, ownership, or managing of the team...and thats about it.

Ha you could even have a Major LEague Soccer expansion team and use the White Sands testign range to play off of and call the team, THE LAS VEGAS FALLOUT


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