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hurray for repeat topics though id like to see if any of your opinions have changed...

What are you favourite sports venues, precents or locations?

Note; please no amounts of pictures... its fukin annoying.


1. Lords, London (The history, the supporters, the balcony's, worlds most historical stadium)

2. Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam (Classy, love it, appeals to me)

3. Old/New Wembley, London (Full of history, passion)

4. American Airlines Arena, Miami (My favourite indoor stadium)

5. Stadium Australia (Telstra Stadium in Olympic mode, fantastic!)

6. Wimbledon, London (Tennis!)

7. Newlands Cricket Stadium, Capetown (Full of surprises)

8. Sitama Stadium, Japan (Excellent design, World Cup 2002)

9.  Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (seen many hero's, retractable roof, AMAZING atmosphere)

10. Auckland Harbour, Auckland (best sailing venue in the world)

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I'm suprised the MCG isn't on your list. I thought you were deeply and madly in love with the place.

What gave you that impression?

If you notice, this topic is about our favourite stadiums, not the worlds best. In terms of facilities places such as Lords and Newlands dont stack up that well, though i still like them..

Wheres your opinion?

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I loved the design of Barcelona's Olympic stadium and of course will never forget their diving venue.  I really like London's designs for both the stadium and aquatics centre, I just hope they don't change them too much in their cost cutting exercise.  

I found Roland Garros impressive but Wimbledon has a different feeling from any other venue I've been to - it's special.

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Here's my favorites.

1.  L.A. Memorial Coliseum - has hosted two Olympics, a World Series, and countless other events

2.  Rose Bowl - Two world cup finals, Super Bowls, NCAA national championship, some of the most memorable college football games in history.

3.  Augusta - Home of the Masters, need I say more.

4.  The Pit - Home of University of New Mexico basketball.  There's no place quite like it in terms of crowd noise.

5.  Yankee Stadium - The House that Ruth built.

6.  Wembley Stadium - The name says it all.

7.  Madison Square Garden - see Wembley Stadium comment.

8.  Kyle Field - Home of Texas A&M football and the 12th Man.  The only sporting venue I've ever been to where 85,000 spectators stand during the entire game.

9.  Olympiastadion, Berlin - Great history.  Another chapter will be added during the World Cup final next year.

10.  Montreal Forum - I know it's not used anymore, but the Candadiens old rink was to hockey what Yankee Stadium is to baseball.

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