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Gold Coast 2018

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i was reading some old post and threads, and after Melbourne 2006 everyone was thinking australia will host not before 2026 again, and now they will get the GC already in 2018 - congrats

Well, that's Australia's major hostings for the 2010's pretty well sewn up. A Cricket WC and an essentially inevitable CWGs.

Here's hoping the 2020's starts of with a FIFA WC for us.

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:rolleyes: I have no problem with Australia picking up the 'tab' so to speak. Twelve years is no issue anymore...Just look at the UK, 2002 - '14. They're a sports minded nation and have well proven to be great hosts of the CWGs.

What could be of concern is Australia turning on the rest of the Commonwealth, after constantly having to host and saying 'stuff all of you, we're leaving'. What Gold Coast and Australia should do is use this enevetable bid to bail up the CGF as say change is need. :mellow:

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Triple Olympic medallist to head Gold Coast Commonwealth Games bid

April 8 - Triple Olympic medallist Mark Stockwell (pictured) has been appointed to head the Gold Coast's bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, it has been announced.

The 46-year-old, who is now a successful property developer and businessman, has been tasked by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh with the job of putting together a bid to beat Hambantota, the Sri Lankan city that is the Gold Coast's only rival.

He told the Gold Coast Bulletin: "We will put together a very successful bid that gets delivered in November 2011, I have got no doubt about that, given the resources and everything behind it.

"I think we have got to do it in a Gold Coast style.

"As Queenslanders we are very relaxed and we are very open - I think that is something that I want to see come through."

Stockwell won three medals - two silver and a bronze - at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.


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THE Commonwealth Games will be held in mid-October 2018 if the Gold Coast wins the bid.

The eight-member Gold Coast bid board met for the first time yesterday, spending more than four hours in discussions before coming to some major decisions about the bid's timing and what sports would be included.

The board has also begun work on a preliminary presentation that Premier Anna Bligh and bid chairman Mark Stockwell will make to delegates meeting in New Delhi before the Games in October.

As well as athletics and swimming, the board has chosen diving, synchronised swimming, badminton, boxing, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, squash, Rugby 7s, weightlifting, basketball, cycling, gymnastics, shooting, table tennis, triathlon and wrestling.


October was chosen because of the timetables of the sports involved and the weather at that time of year.

"We looked at when the football is finished because we will be using Carrara as the opening venue; we will be looking at when the international athletics season comes to an end and what's happening with rugby," he said.

"So we have reviewed all of the sports programs and integrated that with the school holidays, Australian major sporting events, international sporting events and then actually come up with that date."


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I think we can safely say the games will be in GC. I'll be coming over for it I am sure!

It will most certainly be a games with a high tourism value. Certainly more so than Glasgow, Melbourne, Dehli and Manchester.

I'd expect a bigger international attendance to a Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, particularly from New Zealand and the UK.


Even from the air its sexy... plus you have the Great Barrier Reef, rainforests and Whitsunday Islands within easy stopovers.

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Gold Coast Games logo unveiled

is the Gold Coast's bid logo for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Premier Anna Bligh unveiled the logo - the Gold Coast sun made up of 72 dots to represent each Commonwealth country - at Skilled Park this morning.

''Colours in the logo represent the golden sand, blue water, green hinterland and red sunsets of the Gold Coast as well as the colours of competing nation's flags,'' she said.

''I know Australian will get behind this logo, get behind this bid and go for Gold Coast 2018.''

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke said the logo embodied the people and excitement of the Coast.

''When you've got the Queensland 'X' factor like the Gold Coast, flaunt it and that's what our bid team are doing,'' she said.

The games bid will be submitted in May 2011 before the host city is announced in November next year.

Gold Coast Bulletin

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Ah something subtle, elegant and refined...just what we can expect as always from the Gold Coast...

Any chance the 2018 CGs can be run alongside Schoolies...that'd boost the interest in the games plus maybe bring about a heady mix of boozed up youngsters and finely honed athletes in close contact :P

I thought it'd make a great logo for Jupiter's Casino


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It seems to me, regarding the 2018 Commonwealth Games, is almost a "guarantee" to be in Australia. Sri Lanka? That country scares me.

Good to see you again, Guardian.

Yeah, I agree. Gold Coast 2018 is about as close a certainty as you'd ever get in a bidding comp.

And India sure ain't doing Sri Lanka any favours.

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I love the Gold Coast. I go up as much as I can. Might even be living there by the time these games arrive. It is an absolutely booming area and will continue to grow. Given 8 more years and it will be fantastic....

Really? I can't stand the place. Too tacky/touristy for me.

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Really? I can't stand the place. Too tacky/touristy for me.

I can definitely understand that perception. I just love the weather and hinterland area for living. The cbd itself is a little poxy in some aspects. Each to their own though.

Given another 20 years of growth, it will be far more developed and less poxy I think.

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<_< I wouldn't be surprised if Netball goes by then, probibly hockey as well (amoungst other sports)...Expect a massive post games enquiry after these 2010 games. The report won't be good.

Not sure about Netball dropping off the program (and to be honest both as a sport played by Australians and as a Commonwealth sport the CGs are a natural fit for it) but field hockey possibly. Rugby 7s will be surpassed in terms of importance thanks to the Rio 2016 SOGs and there will still be the Hong Kong 7s floating around as well.

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