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Gold Coast 2018

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:mellow: My predictions for NZ is, surprisingly, a low medal count. I would be amazed if we met 2014's Gold total. 

I believe it will be in the Field events where we will pick up some tin.

Sevens: Mens, no medals. Women, at least a Silver.

Netball: Bronze, at best.

Basketball: Bronze if we are lucky.

Cycling: At least one medal of each grade, but NZ has really fallen behind Aus and Eng in this sport. Nothing for Road cycling.

Swimming: Pffffffffttt!

Diving: A possible medal.

Hockey: Bronze if we are lucky for both sexes.

Track: There was only one real medal chance and now he's out. Could be a couple of surprises on the track though.

Field: Pay dirt here, both cannon ball chuckers expected to Gold. Our supermodel looking pole vaulter expected to at least Silver. Could be some surprises in long jump and discuss.:)

Shooting: Very much a Gold in here and a clutch of medals.:)

Martial Arts: Could get something.

TVNZ are going all out with broadcasting, creating a pop-up channel as well as across the board social app coverage. But there just doesn't seem to be that buzz about the CWGs like there used to be. It doesn't help that our main Olympic sports we medal in not there. Also the sad decline of Men's Sevens and the Cycling program are showing through. 

I'm going for:

4 Gold

4 Silver

8 Bronze.

And as commentators are predicting when the CWGs are over for another cycle, a huge all over discussion of why our presence at the CWGs just no longer seems to matter :( 



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1 hour ago, Nacre said:

Is New Zealand really a dark horse in mens rugby?

No...It's Number 1 and current World Cup champs.

BUT in the SEVENS version of the game it is rated about number four - it used to be 1. There has been a huge internal split between the standard 15 man game and the 7s. They used to share resources i.e. players but NZRU places priority on the All Blacks (15 man team) to keep them first.

Sevens at the CWGs in the mens game pretty much will go:

Fiji (current Olympic champs): Gold

South Africa: Silver

Australia: Bronze

England (current Olympic Silver) 4th

Scotland, Canada, Wales, Kenya, Samoa, and New Zealand all have a chance to cause an upset and medal. USA, Japan and Argentina - top teams - aren't there as they are not in the Commonwealth.

Sevens is a highly fluid game and teams need to show up with their best game on match day. 

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