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Gold Coast 2018

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So Gold Coast just held the Hancock Prospecting Pan Pacific swimming championships.

They did pretty good and got all the big stars and tickets sold out.

However, it rained on the final weekend and competitors weren't impressed but our stupid Liberal tourism minister said that the games were "a success". And basically dodged the question of "will they build a roof over the venue"?


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:) As was to be expected...Womans Sevens Rugby has been added to the CWGs programme for 2018 and beyond. IRB and CGF confirming this a few days ago.

Mention was made of the fact that the IOC gave the CGF a gentle nudge to include it immediately after 2016. Although Glasgow 2014 did make provisions for a womens tournament in this years games, they simply ran out of time orgainizing a format which will be only half that of the mens for now.

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Netball won't be dropped. Its a core sport. Not sure where that information is coming from.

My Bad...They are looking at the Fast Five format tournament that can be done and dusted in three days...Far more exciting in the sevens style of atmosphere.

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It'd be a very bad move to dump netball in favours of basketball. It's the commonwealth games, not the Olympics

Nuh. Basketball co-exists with netball at the Commies. But, that said....

Gold Coast 2018 set to replace basketball with 3x3, claims FIBA sports director

It was claimed here today that 3x3 basketball will feature at the next Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018, instead of the traditional version of the sport.

The traditional form of basketball, featuring five players on each side, is due to be on the Commonwealth Games programme in 2018, the first time it will have appeared since Melbourne 2006 having not been included at Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014.

But the increasing popularity of the 3x3 form in recent years has seen it become an extremely attractive proposition to hosts of multi-sport events, most notably the 2010 and 2014 editions of the Summer Youth Olympic Games where it was showcased in Singapore and Nanjing respectively.

Speaking to insidethegames here at the International School Sport Federation Convention, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) sports director Kosta Ilievs claimed they and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) are already in discussions about which form of the sport should be played at Gold Coast 2018.

"It's much better event to have 3x3 than 5x5," Ilievs told insidethegames.

"And we have understanding from the Commonwealth Games Committee (sic) to accept 3x3.

"The question mark is if we can start from the Gold Coast because it was already agreed that this will be a 5x5 and they've already built gyms there and facilities and so on."

The CGF is due to take the decision about the inclusion of 3x3 basketball at its General Assembly in Auckland in September, Ilievs revealed.

Iliev also confirmed that the Executive Committee of the Mediterranean Games, next due to be held in the Spanish city of Tarragona in 2017, had accepted 3x3 onto its sports programme for both men and women, and that discussions are ongoing with the Francophone Games, which combines artistic and sporting events predominantly for French speaking nations.

This year's inaugural European Games in Baku are set to include 3x3 basketball, already a regular fixture on the programmes of the Asian Youth Games and Asian Beach Games.

Given its meteoric rise, it is no surprise that the FIBA is vying for 3x3's inclusion on the sports programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to promote a more flexible programme as part of its Agenda 2020 reform process, in which new sports and disciplines are considered, has only served to heighten optimism.



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Gold Coast 2018 launch search for Commonwealth Games mascot

A nationwide competition has been launched today to find a mascot for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Queensland's Minister for the Commonwealth Games Kate Jones urged all Australians to enter a hand-drawn design during a ceremony at Carrara Stadium, an event broadcast across the country on Channel 7 morning programme Sunrise.

Jones was joined by several other mascots from the Gold Coast region to help launch the competition.

“The mascot will welcome 6,500 athletes and officials to the Gold Coast and thousands of international visitors,” she said.

“We’re looking for a fun, energetic and friendly character that will inspire people from all over the world to come to the Gold Coast for the Games."

Jones added: “The mascot will be sporty, adventurous and enjoy travelling all over the world to places like India, Canada, Jamaica and England to get people excited about GC2018.

“The mascot will be passionate about the Gold Coast and Australia, and will inspire people to get involved in the Games.

“The winning design will be developed into Games merchandise including toys and clothing so this really is an exciting opportunity for everyone.

“All Australians, from the youngest to the oldest, are invited to enter by drawing a character that will capture the imagination of the entire Commonwealth.

“The winner will receive four tickets to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, including flights and accommodation."


Entries for the competition are due to close on July 27.

More details of how to enter can be found by clicking here.


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Gold Coast 2018 attacked for appointing American group to produce Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Gold Coast 2018’s plans for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in three years’ time have come under fire after they appointed American company Jack Morton Worldwide (JMW) following a tender process.

The decision prompted the three losing bidders to write a scathing letter to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczu to contest the appointment.

Led by Olympics creative director Ric Birch, who co-ordinated the ceremonies at the 1982 Brisbane Games as well as the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the group, which also includes unsuccessful bidders David Atkins and Julie Brooks, have called for a review of the process.

It was eventually won by JMW, which has also attracted criticism as the losing bidders feel there are local Australian companies who would do a better job of the Ceremonies.

JMW’s London office conceived, planned, and delivered the Opening and Closing ceremonies for the last edition of the Commonwealth Games, held last year in Glasgow, while they also produced both Ceremonies at Athens 2004.

“It is obviously extremely unusual for three companies in this highly competitive field to be in agreement and is a sign of the deep disquiet we feel about the way that GOLDOC has handled the tender,” the letter, obtained by the Australian Associated Press (AAP), read.

“By any standard, the members of the evaluation panel for this tender were totally inexperienced in all matters pertaining to major international ceremonies and the three companies represented here were all amazed at the lack of representation from the GOLDOC board or the chief executive on the evaluation panel.”

The decision to appoint JMW has been described as a “slap in the face” by opposition party the Liberal National Party, with a spokesperson claiming “we know there’s some home-grown Queensland and Australian companies who could do this job standing on their head”.

Gold Coast 2018 head of communications Marcus Taylor refuted such claims, however, insisting no teams bid from within Queensland.

He also said the winning bid came from JMW’s Australian branch.

“People have to remember it is an Australian company for one but the expectation is this is going to a global audience and therefore you want companies with a global footprint because you want to be drawing on the best in the world,” Taylor told the AAP.

“The contractors and the programme itself will all be driven out of the Gold Coast and Queensland markets.”

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Uh....but didn't Jack Morton Worldwide also did the ceremonies of Melbourne 2006? (which I liked). Was there a similar drama to this one happening concerning the GC ceremonies?

Kind of hoped David Atkins would do the ceremonies tbh, but aw well.

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Yep, JMW did the Melbourne ceremonies as well, and no doubt it will be structured very much like in 2006. JMW was the producer, but we had local Andrew Walsh as the director.

These Australians needs to be very very careful.

Could any of the Aussie companies have done the event, yes, I don't see any reason why not (although I wonder if the pretty awful handover from David Atkins in Glasgow possibly turned them off him slightly).

Remember though, these are the same Australians who trek around the world tendering to execute the ceremonies for Canada, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Italy etc etc. If we are in a marketplace for events where the Atkins, Birch etc etc of this work be accepted to portray other countries to the world.... why should they not expect the same?

JMW has been established in Australia for some time, and this kind of thing happens all the time. heck, the Sydney NYE has been produced by an internationally based company (Imagination) for a few years now, but of course it is still an Australian production.

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It is highly hypocritical. Was there this kind of outrage in Qatar/Vanc when David Atkins got their ceremonies?

Not at all, at least for Vancouver. I think most here sighed in relief Cirque didn't produced the ceremonies (after that horrible handover in Torino).

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Not at all, at least for Vancouver. I think most here sighed in relief Cirque didn't produced the ceremonies (after that horrible handover in Torino).

Well to be fair, it's hard to do a good handover ceremony when it's not your own stadium you're doing it in. All handover ceremonies for the summer olympics from the Atlanta handover to the Rio one I rate them between meh and bleh. The only one that I truly enjoyed was the Beijing one. As far as the winter Olympic ones, I haven't seen all of them but the one for Sochi was mindblowing. I'm shocked that Vancouver even let them get away with doing so much. Does the Sochi organizing committee foot the bill for their own handover, or is that something Vancouver pays for? I can see Sochi dropping the money to make something that extravagant, but not Vancouver. The Pyeongchang one was beyond boring, worse than the Vancouver one.

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Beach volleyball to make Commonwealth Games debut at Gold Coast 2018

Beach volleyball will make its debut on the Commonwealth Games programme at Gold Coast 2018, it has been announced.

The historic move will increase the number of sports being contested at the Games from 17 to 18 for the first time, making use of what have been described as some of the best beaches in the world at the Australian venue.

An agreement was struck between the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), the Queensland Government, the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) to pave the way for beach volleyball’s inclusion.

Two 12 team tournaments will be contested, one each for men and women, with two players per team.

A qualification system will be developed in collaboration with the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and will be finalised by July.



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