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G8 Youth Games & Cultural Festival


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I know there are more than enough sporting events out there.

However, I have always thought the G8 groups of nations should have it's own Sporting Games and Cultural Festival centred around youth.  

The Opening Ceremony could include the 8 World Leaders marching into an arena with their delegation of young people (sports and arts together). This would make a great photo opportunity for the world media and be very symbolic.

Each delegation shouldn't be more than 100 young people and the cost of the trip would be picked up by each individual government. The Sports and Cultural Festival would only last the two days the conference is taking place. The Closing Ceremony with the world leaders and youth would see the official  handover to the next host country.

Just an idea, I don't know if proposed seriously would it ever get off the ground. I think it would add an intresting element to this annual gathering of world leaders.


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