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Votes Of Ioc Members

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Useless topic, but funniest one!!!

My predictions:

First round

Rio de Janeiro 54%

Chicago 23%

Tokyo 13%

Madrid 10%

I'm too lazy to type more rounds... LOL

In your dreams danny...

I will not even attempt at guessing, because no one really knows. I am quite certain that Rio and Chicago will make it through the first round. But Rio has the best chance at making it to the final and winning it all.

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I had a dream last night that Rio won in the third round.

.........................R1 R2 R3

CHICAGO.......... 30 43 45

RIO ...................27 42 55

TOKYO...............23 15


Wow!!! Let's call this race over and done, and start preps for Cape Town 2020!

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I wouldn't dare to try and guess number of votes and rounds, but I guess Madrid will go much better than we think. And I personally hope for a Rio 1st -Madrid 2nd - Chicago 3rd and boring Tokyo 4th finale.

I also think Madrid's bid is better than the EC report shows. And stronger. But being hones, it doesn´t matter who will be the 2nd, nor the 3rd an the 4th, since Rio is the first.

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I know im new here and havent been reading threads for the past year, but since ive been on here the general attitude is that Rio is a lock.

Has anyone else been getting that feeling?

Let's just say, that there is a general feeling that Rio is a favourite, but as Baron says, it's not over till its over.,

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