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Louis Vuitton Cup

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Can anyone explain me how does the Louis v uitton cup work?


If i don't make a mistake it represents a sort of eliminating round in sight of 2007..

how many teams will arrive in America's cup 2007?

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I feel a bit ashamed because I have no idea about what's going on around my city's port; I passed by the other day and saw all these glamourous people and boats with exotic names and I was like "wow, this must be something big and it's happening here in Valencia...but what is it? ".

I would highly appreciate if someone explained to us how all this America's Cup thing works... :rolleyes:

Here's the current ranking:

1 - Luna Rossa Challenge (ITALY)

2 - Alinghi (SWITZERLAND)

3 - Emirates Team New Zealand (NEW ZEALAND)

4 - BMW Oracle Racing (USA)

5 - Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team (ITALY)

6 - Victory Challenge (SWEDEN)

7 - K-Challenge (FRANCE)

8 - Desafío Español 2007 (SPAIN)

9 - +39 Challenge (ITALY)

10 - United Internet Team Germany (GERMANY)

11 - China Team (CHINA)

12 - Team Shosholoza (SOUTH AFRICA)

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This is what I've found on the official page:

Returning to Europe for the first time in over 150-years, the programme for the 32nd America's Cup reflects the importance of this occasion.

There is an ambitious four-year schedule of regattas commencing in 2004, each one a distinct Act in the drama of the 32nd America's Cup. The climax will be the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup Match itself in 2007.

Never before has the America's Cup consisted of such an ambitious programme. For the first time, the America's Cup season consists of more than just the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup Match.

These opening Acts will be a mixture of fleet and match races in a variety of venues, and open to all.

This concept of a series of Acts is a big evolution for the America's Cup. In the modern era, post 1958, the gap between competitions has been as high as five years; a situation described by one notable Cup sailor as being "rather a long time between drinks."

In an effort to make America's Cup racing a more regular feature on the sailing calendar, the series of preliminary Acts has been developed to ensure there is America's Cup competition in each year leading up to the 2007 Match. These Acts allow the teams to measure themselves alongside their fellow competitors at each event, and keep race fans firmly focused on America's Cup racing.

Each successive Act will take on increasing importance as the Match draws nearer, and each is expected to be a ranking tool for the early rounds of the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2007.

What we currently think of as the America's Cup - the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the Match itself - will be much shorter than what we've experienced in the recent past. While these events were spread across five months over the past four America's Cup cycles, they will be concentrated over just three months in 2007, a short, sharp, intense period of racing.

Overall, the new schedule represents an important evolution for the America's Cup. While the Cup season itself is much shorter, the leading Acts ensure meaningful, dramatic, America's Cup racing takes place each year, and allows the America's Cup to go 'on tour', visiting different venues, and bringing the excitement and spectacle of this wonderful event to new audiences.

In 2007, the final Act will be an opening Fleet race, for all the competitors of the 32nd America's Cup. After that, the Challengers will square off in the Louis Vuitton Cup, to determine who will race Team Alinghi in the 32nd America's Cup Match.

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And btw, the new "look" of the America's Cup has been designed by Mariscal (BCN'92).

From the official website:

As you can clearly see, the look and feel of the 32nd America's Cup has changed. From today, we have a bright, bold, new identity and you'll see it in use across all of our communications platforms from now onwards.

The new look expresses the lightness, and party spirit of Valencia, the Host City of the 32nd America's Cup. It relies upon bright and bold Mediterranean colours to highlight the various atmospheres of the America's Cup.

According to Michel Hodara, the Chief Operating Officer for the event organisers, the new look by famous Spanish designer Mariscal is based on three fundamental principals.

"Mariscal is using deconstructed pictures, a new range of colours and atmospheres, along with his trademark handwriting to reflect the openness and spirit of the 32nd America's Cup," Hodara says. "We think the new look is much more inclusive and open and says, 'come and join the party', which is exactly the message we want to send for the 32nd America's Cup."

Mariscal himself will come to Valencia to personally experience the new spirit of the 32nd America's Cup on the 18th June. He'll be able to take in the action of the Valencia Louis Vuitton Act 4, as the 2005 racing season for the America's Cup begins.


1119346028_2_1400_small_1.jpg  1119346028_1_1400_small_1.jpg  1117190716_act1.jpg


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