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What Is The Bid Process And Time Table For Youth Olympic Games


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Oh sorry, thats not what i meant. I meant 2018.

Do they announce 7 years in advance and at the same confrence as the Real Olympic bid winners?

Before thinking to 2018, they would have to think for the 2016 Winter YOG.

Not sure it took 7 years to organize YOG as for real Olympics as their size is not the same and the needs of infrastructures is not so important.

For memory, the YOG and their electing process is all new as IOC choose to organize them in 2007

2008 : election of the Summer YOG 2010 (Y-2)

2009 : election of the Winter YOG 2012 (Y-3)

2010 : election of the Summer YOG 2014 (Y-4)

After 2 options...

1st one :

So may be in 2011 election of the Winter YOG 2016 (Y-5) with a postal election & in 2012 election of the Summer YOG 2018 (Y-6) at the London Olympic Games Session.

And probably they will keep this calendar with the election 6 years in advance at the real Olympic Games session.

2nd one:

They keep the 4 years in advance as a rule and wait for the 2012 london IOC session to elect the Summer YOG 2016 (Y-4).... and will continue like this durinh each IOC session held during an Olympic Games (Sochi 2014 for Winter YOG 2018, Rio 2016 ;) for Summer YOG 2020, ....).

And by the way, there is no interest to make hypothesis on bids for YOG before cities announced they would bid.... Most every city in this world are able to bid.... that's the reason of those YOG !

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