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France Backs Rio's 2016 Bid


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The French National Olympic Committee does not vote...

The 2 IOC Members in France (Killy and Drut) will vote but they certainly do not receive voting instructions from the French President (besides, secret ballot so noone will ever know who they vote for)

Dear, when I say the NOC will vote of course I mean the two members will. AND I SAID IT WASN'T AN INSTRUCTION FROM SARKOZY... HE WAS TOLD BY THE NOC THEY WILL VOTE SO! THAT'S WHAT HE SAID! DO I NEED TO DRAW???????

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Danny, I wasn't ever arguing with you but if you viewed your dialogue with me in those terms then that is really sad!

I only ever thought you were out of line in your 'prejudice' naming statements but I have nothing against you!

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See ya... =]

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