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The Streets Of 2016

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Chicago's street system is almost relentlessly predictable:


Major streets are a fixed interval apart. It is almost the same distance from 200 East to 300 East as it is from 500 North to 600 North or 900 South to 1000 South on any given road. In most parts of this city, getting lost often requires some planning and effort.

The EC report didn't show many roads on its venue maps. Since the venue shuttles and taxicabs will use these streets to bring spectators, athletes, and dignitaries to the different venues, I thought a tour of the Google Maps satellite images of the 2016 sites would be interesting.

These are the streets between the 2016 venue sites:

Chicago 2016 (near Olympic Village and Lake Michigan Sports Complex):


Rio 2016 (near Maracana Stadium):


Madrid 2016 (near Casa de Campo):


Tokyo 2016 (near Musubi Cluster):


CHItown '16

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Many major americans cities was planned in numbered-squared-boxes (indeed, it's a great idea for localization, you almost never get lost in this system, I love it)...

But, what is the point?

I don't think Madrid was planned like Chicago, and Rio de Janeiro downtown area was based in old European cities, with streets with curves, large boulevards and it is named with famous peoples names...

Barra and Copacabana are squared-blocked but without numbered streets...

I have no information about Tokyo, but a japanese colleague once told me that there aren't names for streets in Tokyo neither numbers... They only use block localization. Is this true Tokyo-fans?

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