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Now, it seems that a French city has a prospect of putting a bid forward for Expo 2017.

Link: A LILLE, France, 2007 Website


If I remembered correctly, France was to host a "smaller" Expo in between the hosting of Hanover 2000 and Aichi 2005, but was cancelled for political reasons. With that in mind, I really don't know how much support this latest French attempt at a World's Fair would have, when the time comes.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. It seems that Canadians now are starting to become ignorant about what the World's Fair (Expo) is all about, just as Urso has typed in his website. A question about whether the Expo is still in existence was put forward by someone from BC, I believe, in the weekly Friday night CTV National News "Ask Us" section. With the way Toronto's Expo 2015 bid went, that is going to question whether Canada would put forward another bid for the World's Fair. Despite about what Edmonton may have said about the prospect for 2017, that is still very up in the air, until the country is really ready to give another try at it.

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Oh, man. Ever since the Toronto Expo 2015 bid debacle, three Canadian cities have now been reported to saying that they will try their hand in bidding for the smaller Expo 2017. This year is significant because it will be the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. So far, according to Urso, the cities interested are:

- Edmonton, Alberta;

- Hamilton, Ontario; and, believe it or not;


Yes, the same city that had about 50 million visitors come to Expo 1967. Also, the very city that had that high point then and received its lowest point a few years later, compliments of the 1976 Olympic Games. Seriously, would Toronto try again or is it enough for the city? It could get ugly, if the pursuit for it ends up in the national contest between these potential candidates and others that haven't said anything, but could their bid forward for it, too.

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