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Past Australian Olympic Bids.

Lord David

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Local feud. I don't wanna inflame the age-old Sydney-v-Melbourne rivalry, but those Melburnians won't be satisfied until they've hosted again - and whenever it is they'll do a top-notch job of it.

Sydneysiders? Meh. We had a great time, we're proud, we don't expect another soon. Sure, if you asked people here, they'd love to do it again, but it's not something we'd expect soon.

When the Athens concerns were building, and Sydney was mentioned as an emergency back-up, our Premier Carr ruled it out. And I think that was wise and was supported. Not to mention the pure technical hassles, we'd had our time in the sun, did spectatularly better than we'd even hoped for, and to do it again soon just would never have built the same excitement or support. Would have probably been a big anti-climax, and probably not go as smoothly as 2000.

Brissie? Give 'em time (and maybe I would have retired to around there by the time it could happen)!


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But the way the world is going, it will be harder and harder for Australian cities to win the Olympics when new and emerging nations and cities and some old standards are looking for their shot at Olympic glory. I could name off ten cities that could logically host the Olympics in the next 40 years and not mention a single Australian city. In fact, I could do that and not even mention the same country twice.

Cape Town - Paris - Toronto - Osaka - Berlin - Buenos Aires - San Francisco - Istanbul - Warsaw - Delhi

And that would take you into the unknown for 2060.

No doubt that Australia is big in Olympic circles, but it is relatively small in a global view. Three Olympics in one century is possible, but probably unlikely.

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Another valid reason why Australia shouldn't even think about Perth, especially if they're gonna be looking to win.

I would also add to that list; Moscow (main Eastern Europe is due for another Summer Olympics), Mexico City (Mexico is bound to host sometime again in the future) & perhaps Bangkok & surely another Chinese Games later on down the line, most likely Shanghai.

So that's a lot of big potential cities that are gonna be waiting in that long, long, looong line. So Australia would have a big run for it's money. So think Brisbane or Melbourne, really, for next time.

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