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Uefa Champions League 09/10

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The second of those two matches should be worth watching.

Mourinho, the man who creates the most solid, hard, difficult teams to play against and break down vs Guardiola, the man who has created the best footballing side the world has seen for quite a few years.

I guess we'll finally find out what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object.

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I am quitely confident about Bayern's chances against Lyon, but I will take nothing for granted.

I think the final is going to be Barcelona vs Bayern but none of the other possibilities would surprise me and I hope for Inter vs Bayern

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Volcano forces Barcelona to trek 450 miles by bus

MILAN (AP) — Defending champion Barcelona has an extra hurdle to overcome ahead of the first leg of the Champions League semifinals against Inter Milan.

The Catalan club was forced to use buses for the 450-mile (724 Km) trip to Milan after flights were grounded due to the cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland that has spread across Europe in recent days.

Inter and Barcelona have already met twice this season in the group stage. The teams drew 0-0 at San Siro and Barcelona won 2-0 at Camp Nou.

The first leg of the semifinal will take place on Tuesday with the return on Wednesday, April 28.


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Being a fan of Barcelona, it pains me to say that they deserved to lose. They couldnt stand against the pressure and they were too overconfident that raising the trophy on their rivals home would be that easy.

This is what happens when you dont face defeat for so much time. Aw well i hope they win La Liga..at least >_>

Anyway, best of luck for both Bayern and Inter!

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I'd prefer a Bayern win too, but predict an Inter one.

Incidentally, I thought this would make you laugh. If you think my Champions League predictions were poor...

City fan's Champions League tattoo - for 2011

August 2009

OPTIMISTIC Blue Kirk Bradley is so sure of Manchester City's success next season that he's had a tattoo announcing them as Champions League Winners for 2011.

The Premier League season is barely underway but already the 25-year-old is so confident that not only will his team qualify for the Champions League this time round but that they will win it at their first attempt next year.

So football-mad Kirk decided to have 'Manchester City 2011 Champions League Winners' permanently tattooed on to his body - even though they only finished 10th last year. And although he admits his prediction is somewhat premature Kirk thinks it's an entirely realistic expectation for big-spending City - who have splashed out £100m on new players this summer.

The Man City nut, from Great Barr, Birmingham, said: "While I was in the pub one night I was saying how I thought we'd win the Champions League next season and my friend turned to me and said 'if you're so sure why don't you have it tattooed?'

"He was obviously joking, so you can imagine his face when I turned around and said 'okay then'.

"I really believe we have the quality and ambition to go and achieve the biggest prize out there and I think we can do it that soon.

"With Mark Hughes at the helm and the money flowing in, we are going to not only challenge the big four, but the whole of Europe as well.

"My mates, who are mostly Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion fans, think I'm crazy, but I don't care. We're going to be Champions of Europe and when that happens we'll see who is laughing then.

"I was often criticised for being a Man City fan living in Birmingham, but now I don't think anybody can doubt that I am a true fan."

Pondering what he would do if City don't win the Champions League that year, the student replied: "I don't even want to think about it - and I don't think I'll have to.

"I'm sure I would get a lot of stick from my mates though."

Tattooist John Logan, from Logan's Cave, based in Kingstanding, Birmingham, said it was one of the most unusual requests he'd ever had for a tattoo.

"It certainly was a strange request," he said.

"I've done other football fans who had their team's badges tattooed but never anything like this. "Kirk has got to be one of the most optimistic football fans ever."


Quite hard to win a competition when you don't qualify for it Kirk.

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