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Melbourne 2006

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Cathy Freeman was born and raised in Mackay, QLD - not Melbourne - and is now based in LA with her boyfriend, actor Joel Edgeton.

I think Delta is a shoe in - however there has been a bit of press about U2 doing a show to reopen the MCG in late Feb.  Would it be a major faux pas to have Bono and the boys kick proceedings off with 'Elevation' - or maybe a somber memorial moment for the 20 seagulls could be staged to 'One'?  I mean Athens had Bjork - who is sooooo not Greek, and Manchester had S Club 7 who are from the planet Sh!t.

Speaking of M2002 - where was Robbie Williams during the opening?  Take That were based in Manchester, Robbie is from Stoke On Trent which is nearby...

I was reading in the papers on the weekend that Ron Walker is keen to get Kylie to perform at the closing.

First Sydney, now Melbourne. That girl is really starting to become the Closing Queen!

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