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The 2020 Inappropriate Host Olympic Competition!

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Just checked into this thread after about 2 weeks. It's a RIOT!! Kudos, guys.

Have been busy finishing THE Book. Am doing Bibliography and Indexing today; then it's off for a proof.

Troy, I can't open those bids.

Baron, I'll buy your book if you promise to vote for me! :lol:

Just kiddin - don't DQ me!

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I will take those two posts and class Minneapolis as an official bid as that is more than enough information. You just need a logo.

The report will be released tomorrow. Inshallah.

Has the report been delayed puppy? We Jews here at Jerusalem2020 HQ are so eager for it!!!! :D

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I couldn't open the damned bids.

But speaking of /\, oaky, I am reminded of when I did my prototype for "THe Olympic Trivia Game" for the USOC, I created the following question:

"Aside from freestyle wrestling, what is the other kind of wrestling contested in the Olympics?

a. Judaeo-Christian

b. Greco- Roman

c. Russo-Japanese

d. none of the above"

BTW, that question is copyrighted. ;)

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