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The 2020 Inappropriate Host Olympic Competition!

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OK so stay with me for the long haul on this one.

The set up -

The IOC has received a record number of entries for the 2020 Olympic Games - after Tokyo and Munich's wins for 2016 and 2018 - Rio, Madrid, Havana, Toronto, Cape Town, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Dubai, Prague, Paris, Caracas, Stockholm and Doha have all submitted bids for IOC consideration.

However after a massive stroke Jacque Rogge is deader than a New Kids On The Block comeback tour. Through a massive amount of shady underhanded dealings and considerable amounts of returning from the dead, Uday Hussein has risen to lead the IOC. He has dismissed out of (decomposed) hand all the 2020 bidders and is demanding the Games go somewhere utterly stupid. You see Uday wants to kill off the Olympics to promote the Asian Games as the global sporting flag bearer. I know, I know - but still. He is evil and has been dead for a good 10 or so years at this point.


He has put together a list of cities that he demands must host the Games - all of them fetid, rat arse helll holes. Your job is to pick a city and with your imagination you must transform it into a bid worthy place.

Your choices are -

Khartoum, SUDAN


Baghdad, IRAQ


New Tehran (after the old one has been decimated by Iraqi forces), EAST IRAQ (Formally Iran)



Kampala, UGANDA

Casablanca, MOROCCO

Guayaquil, ECUADOR

Vientiane, LAOS

Urumqi, CHINA

Minneapolis, USA

Others may be considered only if they are truly pointless/evil enough.

So claim a city, gimme a logo, send me a one page outline and I'll let the ghost (as he has not risen yet) of Uday pick a shortlist!

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You have to realise that it's Uday's opinions - most of the Arab world had issues with the Moroccan royal family for instance, and obviously Jerusalem (the Palestinian/Arab sections) is awful.

Baghdad made the list as I am sure he'd be pissed about losing control, etc etc.

Grain of salt people!

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Think il miss this one out guys, i got a lot of good ideas and plans which i think are best used when we have a realistic gamesbid competition. Will be fun to see the plans for these places though.

Good luck guys

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you know, i was just thinking about shitty gb fake bid competitions because i logged into yahoo messenger for the first time in three years and apparently i have ryan from here'son my buddy list. must have been from when he kicked me out of the gboc bc tnmp cheated on dubai's winter bid which we worked on together.

but alls i wanted to do was connect with an old friend (from here, incidentally) so we could hit the town.

i don't have a bid or anything to contribute, bc i was thinking casablanca was the best bet. when i first read that, i was going to steal it and put screens from the movie in my bid book and litter it with posthumous quotes from ingrid and humphrey, but mo stole it, so w/e.

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perhaps you haven't seen the list of sell out for the New kids tour???? Sold out in many cities in North America!!!!! Not that I am a fan, but I cannot understand where you were going with that quote?

How much of this post was based on fiction? Why get people ALL up in arms for what you really don't know?

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I would like to appeal to TNMP that Mecca 2020 be disqualified, the rules layed down by yourself state that a city should be claimed, a logo given and a one page bid summary provided. Mecca 2020 has supplied a 3 page document, therefore giving it an unfair advantage over others including mine which has the one page that was stated in the rules. I await your decision

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Hmm, considering page one has 2 words and 4 numbers on it, page two is a map with about 9 words on it and some pictograms and page 3 is what? 8 lines of text? I could squeeze it into one page - and there is no logo as muslims (especially those scary Wahhabi ones) dont do idols and stuff.

However I have broken the rules. I will defer to Uday for guidance...

OK he just tried to rip off my head and fuckk my throat - so no joy there. Maybe I'll start a poll.

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