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The Olympic Park Projects

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I was surprised to see somebody beat Paris...And was stunned to see Madrid's second round totals. Though....yours truly said earlier that Madrid and the second round would be interesting....

But I think it came down to this in the end...

London had the best Olympic Complex.....And after Athens, and Sydney....The idea of having many venues in this setting is the ideal one for an Olympic Games. Let your City provide the Entertainment, Hotels, Etc...But with the compact venues it really takes care of transport plans, getting people here and there, people who wish to go to more then one event, keeping sponsers in one place, etc. etc. etc.

It's funny...despite the cost of the plan, I'm sure that London was really seen as another Sydney. Which seemed to stand out over a solid Paris plan, and an interesting Madrid plan.

As for NYC....It simply was a matter of geopolitical moves..The three European Cities made the top three...Not to mention that I thought the presentation was somewhat weak. Perhaps third out of five in the total package. If they did apply for 2016, they do have a great shot...It would also be a huge payoff in TV Rights given that 2016's US Rights haven't been determined yet. That could be an IOC Gold Mine if NYC was involved....And yes, those talks should come after 2009.

P.S. Seeing Tony Blair smile and Jaques Chirac cry in his wine was fantastic. Though I think this assures Paris the 2014 Winter Games should they bid for it.

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