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Bid City Sites And Sounds

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Ok, Erik. You like Tokyo, that's a fact :)

I Love all the Bidding Cities :)

But I live in Tokyo Japan for many years teaching japanese. I am from Vancouver Canada.

It is just I have passion showing what Tokyo can bring to 2016 Olympics and not comparing it to the past. We are now in 21st Century Games and Tokyo can show the world the 21st Century.

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/\ Then don't overdo it.

You lived in Tokyo teaching Japanese? :blink: Isn't that like taking coals to Newcastle? Nevermind....

But, less is more as they say, Erik.

Just a word to the wise: You'll probably win more friends and convert some people by doing it in the proper way and NOT LAUNCHING A BLIZZARD of images that not everyone's computer can handle. Besides, there is a folder SPECIFICALLY SET UP for the various individual cities...so why don't you abide by that? Believe me, you'll win extra points.


To Soaring et al.,....this is exactly my point. See what it sets off...

Hope everyone's happy now.

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