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Cape Town 2010

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Praises heaped on 'Fairest Cape'

By Bianca Capazorio

The international press is singing South Africa's praises ahead of the World Cup and most of the bouquets are directed at Cape Town.

All the major international media outlets are featuring World Cup stories every day, focusing on South Africa as both a travel and a football destination.

Crime is a concern for many tourists visiting South Africa but the Sydney Morning Herald this week wrote that despite 50 murders per day, British tourists had "a greater chance of becoming hospitalised in Thailand, Greece, Egypt or India".

The story quoted German and French officials as saying their countrymen were rarely victims of crime in South Africa.

"In the first quarter of this year, there was not one incident of a German tourist travelling to South Africa that we know of who has become the victim of violent crime," Martin Schafer, the spokesman for the embassy in Pretoria, told the paper.

But crime aside, many of the press articles feature glowing accounts of Cape Town's varied offerings.

"For non-World Cup travellers there is so much to experience in Cape Town that doesn't involve football, from soaking up the city's colourful culture to inexpensive shopping opportunities," wrote the Belfast Telegraph's Alexandra Smith.

"There's also fine dining in fabulous restaurants for a fraction of the price you'd pay in the UK, and vineyards where wine-tasting is out of this world."

The Irish Independent called Cape Town "Africa's most photogenic city", saying it is "more gorgeous than ever, a gleaming supermodel of the southern hemisphere".

"The laid-back glamour of Camps Bay was palpable in the early evening heat. Bronzed locals walked cream Labradors along the white sand. Chic cocktail bars buzzed with the hum of gossip as Chanel-wearing city-slickers gathered for sundowners. Vespa scooters and convertibles weaved up and down the stylish strip," its story said.

Township tours also inspired poetic paragraphs, with the "warm" or "friendly" locals often mentioned.

The Western Cape is described as "a surprisingly relaxed and friendly place" by Geoffrey Levy of the Mail Online. Even the baboons were cast in a positive light, with Levy recounting how, while standing in an "impeccably clean" take-away waiting for a pizza, his wife SMSed him from outside telling him not to get the pizza. When he came outside, the baboons had taken over.

"Chairs had gone over, bottles on a nearby table had crashed to the floor together with an open box containing a pizza that a young couple was about to eat - and a family of baboons was gratefully mopping up the debris."

Levy's wife Stephanie was "laughing her head off at the pandemonium" from a safe vantage point in a restaurant across the way.

Levy recalled: "One of the waitresses who'd observed the excitement ushered us to a charmingly set table, took my takeaway pizza and laid it out for us just as though we had ordered it from their menu.

"It was a kindly gesture, and so typical of South Africans' eagerness to be friendly towards visitors."

  • This article was originally published on page 8 of The Cape Argus on May 15, 2010

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Some of my pics from this past weekend. I've kept them small for Roltel.

Large and lots more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78015345@N00/page2/






Maintaining Quality: New halogen lights placed on a mobile structure resembling that of octopus like arms will be placed on the Cape Town Stadium pitch to stimulate and assist with the growth of grass in shady areas of the pitch. Canon EOS 1Ds Mark111 with Canon lens 24-70mm @ ISO 200.

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Picture gallery

IRT_Civic_a.gif IRT_Civic_2_aa.gif IRT_Civic_2_cc.gif IRT_Civic_2_bb.gif MyCiTi bus drives through the streets of Cape Town MyCiTi bus drives through the streets of Cape Town MyCiTi bus drives through the streets of Cape Town MyCiTi bus drives through the streets of Cape Town

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R160 million world class Transport Management Centre opens


Executive Mayor, Alderman Dan Plato, officially opened Cape Town’s newest asset today – the unique Transport Management Centre (TMC) - the first integrated public transport, traffic, and safety-and-security management centre in South Africa and one of the first of its kind in the world.

The TMC – a 2010 FIFA World Cup™ project - will integrate services such as Freeway Management, Urban Traffic Control, the Transport Information Centre, the new Integrated Rapid Transit system(MyCiti), Traffic Services and Metro Police in a single operational environment so that they are able to function side-by-side. This will improve Cape Town’s incident and information management capability and will ensure effective and efficient traffic and public transport operations.

The new centre operates from Goodwood in a custom designed building funded by National Government and the City. It is testament to what can be achieved through the power of collaboration. Council approved the original plans in May 2008, the ASTII Consortium was appointed in June 2008 to manage the project, and the building was completed in November 2009.

The TMC will enable the City to actively manage traffic flows, public transport, safety and security and incident and information from one central point.

Freeway and arterial management system

The new centre will host the City’s Freeway and Arterial Management system, which helps it deal with accidents and incidents that impact on traffic flows via the use of 197 CCTV cameras which monitor vehicle movements and 48 Variable Message Signs (VMS) to communicate with commuters. Some of these use renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, which besides being environmentally friendly, have also been calculated to be most economically viable form of commuter communication.

Variable Message Signs only display traffic related messages when the need arises. Priority is given to road incidents impacting on traffic flow followed by re-active and pro-active event related messages.

Arterial Management System

Traffic signal control will also be undertaken from the TMC. Traffic signal controls play a vital role in keeping the City moving and, to help manage them properly, TMC staff will monitor traffic flows via the CCTV camera system. They will also use information generated via the Traffic Signal Fault reporting and management section to dispatch repair teams.

Integrated incident management

Another TMC function is the enhancement of the City’s existing Incident Management System (IMS) in order to facilitate faster emergency and incident response. The detection of incidents will be undertaken in real-time and relevant role-players notified immediately via an advanced, modern dispatching system. Click here for information on how an incident is tracked.

Integrated Rapid Transit

The TMC will be the operational hub of Cape Town’s new Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) system, otherwise known as MyCiti. All vehicle monitoring, computer aided dispatch, vehicle scheduling, database and reporting, information management, digital video management, communication monitoring, video wall and emergency and maintenance control will be undertaken from these premises.

The first MyCiti buses will commence operation on 29 May 2010 with the Airport to CBD and inner city loop shuttles.


Transport Information Centre

The TMC will also serve as the hub for the City’s Transport Information Centre (TIC), which provides residents and visitors with information on public transport in Cape Town such as routes, schedules, ticket prices and outlets and locations of public transport interchanges, ranks and park-and-ride facilities. The service operates 24 hours a day, seven day a week, and is available toll-free from a landline or public pay phone on 0800 65 64 63.

The TIC also receives to all the feedback for Cape Metrorail, Golden Arrow Bus Services, Park-and-Ride facilities, Dial-a-Ride public transport and kerbside parking management. Residents and visitors also use it for information on long distance bus, rail and taxi operators, the location of tourist information centres, heritage sites and popular attractions in and around Cape Town.

The service is currently available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa and all calls are recorded. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ the TIC will also provide services in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Published by Martin Pollack 2010/05/27

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City launches two MyCiTi bus services


Capetonians will get their first taste of the City of Cape Town’s new integrated rapid transit MyCiTi service on Saturday 29 May when both the airport shuttle and an inner-city loop will commence operations.

Airport shuttle

This service will run between the Civic Centre on Hertzog Boulevard in central Cape Town, and Cape Town International Airport. It will be a permanent service, continuing after the World Cup.

The trip will take about 30 minutes outside of peak hour and tickets will cost R50, giving better value than any other option for transport to the airport. The tickets will be sold at the stations at the Airport and the Civic Centre.

The service will run from 04:00 until 24:00 between 29 May and 5 June and from 11 July until 16 July. Buses will depart every 15 minutes during normal operating hours. Before 06:00 and after 21:00 they will depart every 30 minutes. There will be more buses when a higher demand is expected.

From 6 June until 10 July there will be a 24-hour service, and on FIFA World Cup™ days, the buses will depart more frequently.

For more information, call the City's toll-free Transport Information Centre on 0800 656 463, or click here.

Inner-city loop

The inner-city loop service will provide a safe, quick, reliable way for tourists and locals to travel around the inner city, passing tourist attractions and nightspots as well as venues where many Capetonians live and work. The service will run from Saturday 29 May.

This service gives Capetonians a taste of things to come, as a similar inner-city service is to be part of Phase 1A of the MyCiTi service, which is to be completed after the World Cup.

The service that will be launched this Saturday will consist of two loops, travelling around the city in opposite directions. The two loops follow the same route except for Long and Loop Streets, which are one-way roads.

The service travelling anti-clockwise (if the route is viewed from the south), will leave the Civic Centre Station on Hertzog Boulevard and travel along Coen Steytler Avenue, stopping at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. It will then travel up Long Street and go into Orange Street, along Annandale and Mill Streets, and then down Buitenkant to the Grand Parade, where there will be a Fan Park during the World Cup. The bus will then turn right into Keizergracht and left into Oswald Pirow, before turning left into Hertzog Boulevard to travel back to the Civic Centre Station.

The bus travelling in the opposite direction will take the same route in the opposite direction from the Civic Centre Station, passing the Grand Parade before travelling up Buitenkant, Annandale and Orange Sreets. However, due to one-way-streets, it will travel down Loop Street, not Long Street on the way back to the Civic Centre Station.

The service runs past a host of tourist attractions including the nightspots of Long Street, the Labia Theatre, Government Avenue, the District Six Museum and the Castle. It also travels close to Greenmarket Square, Bo-Kaap and the Gardens Centre.

The stop at the Cape Town International Convention Centre is close to several hotels - the Grand Westin, Arabella Sheraton, Cullinan, Southern Sun, Protea North Wharf and the Capetonian.

Between 29 May and 16 July, the inner city loop service will run every 30 minutes between 03:00 and 09:00 and between 24:00 (midnight) and 01:00 and every 10 minutes between 09:00 and 24:00. Between 6 June and 10 July, the service will run every 30 minutes between 24:00 (midnight) and 09:00 and every 10 minutes from 09:00 and 24:00 (midnight). Services may be increased on match days during the World Cup. Tickets cost R8 and can be bought on the bus, and from roving vendors.

Links with other transport services

The inner-city loop has been designed to intersect with other transport services. Passengers will be able to transfer from the two new MyCiTi services onto trains, Golden Arrow buses, minibus taxis and metered taxis - to travel to the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Flats and southern and northern suburbs.

For more information on transfers, call the City's toll-free Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63.

Published by Martin Pollack 2010/05/28


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50811886@N00.jpg?1271453511#50811886@N00 Uploaded on May 30, 2010

by warrenski

Main Transport Hub

Main Transport hub on match days. This IRT station will provide a match day shuttle to the stadium.

Inner City Loop: $1

Airport Service: $7

Match Day Shuttle: Free for ticket holders

4652763680_890db9c5b2_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652142077_00198d7602_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652782614_f8d6f41011_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

4652771692_7e433a60ed_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652772556_2519128b08_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652149537_3e2aaf9e83_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652759718_fb3fd9f8ca_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652773666_8195c6b600_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr

image hosted on flickr

4652777368_aa414e568a_b.jpgimage hosted on flickr


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Waterfront Fan City



It is important to us that V&A Waterfront visitors are fully informed and experience all the action of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. With 64 matches to be played, the pace is going to be hectic.

Enjoy it here: At the V&A Waterfront, we have over 80 pubs, bars and restaurants and bars to catch all the action with each venue offering their own style and atmosphere to create a true festival of football with fans from around the world. These venues will be THE hotspots to hang out and cheer on your teams throughout the whole football World Cup.

We will also be creating additional entertainment areas called live Sites with giant viewing screens. These will be situated around the Waterfront at venues such as, the Clock Tower and Market plaza. These sites will be hosted by some of our best pubs and restaurants and will welcome all comers from Cape Town and beyond to join together and create a carnival of colours during the tournament.

During the month-long FIFA World Cup tournament period, Capetonians and domestic, international visitors to the city will be spoilt for choice at the V&A Waterfront. Whether it’s day out for the family, or a chance to experience the football fever in between match days, there’s lots on offer for everyone.


Here is a sneak preview of what is on offer: n overview of key events and relevant details per activity:

The Wheel of Excellence:

  • Description: Much like the u.K’s London Eye, the giant 50m Wheel of Excellence will change the Mother City’s skyline for up to six months. The giant Observation Wheel, a first for Cape Town and South Africa, is a unique way to savour a panoramic bird’s-eye views of Cape Town, paarl, Table Mountain and Robben Island. Sporting 36 fully-enclosed cabins, groups can sit back and savour the city skyline on the 20 minute round trip. For those who want to ‘glam’ up the experience, champagne and canapés are also available in one of the exclusive VIP cabins.
  • Dates: 8 June 2010 - December 2010
  • Location: Canal Site, opposite the Caltex garage
  • Costs: R70 per person for standard ride. VIP ticket prices to be confirmed
  • Extras: Wheel chair access can be arranged on request

Adidas Football Experience:

  • Description: Football fans can show-off their football skills at the interactive adidas football experience from 11 June. Sporting a mini pitch football facility, goal wall and other exciting football activities, young and old can get into the FIFA World Cup spirit and bend it like Beckham. In need of a breather at half-time, kids can go on a tour of the iconic adidas players located in the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, getting up close and personal with these life-like cut-outs.
  • Times: 11h00 – 18h00
  • Dates: 11 June 2010 - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Breakwater parking Rooftop
  • Costs: Free

Adidas “be a movie star” Interactive Football with a 2D lionel Messi:

  • Description: Football fans are invited to a virtual kick-off with some of the world’s best players, such as lionel Messi – or at least his 2D avatar. part of the Barcelona FC and the World Cup team from Argentina, Messi has international star appeal that has made him one of the most iconic players in the game today. Over the FIFA World Cup period Capetonians and visitors to the V&A Waterfront will be in for a treat when they go head-to-head with Messi’s virtual dribble skills while being filmed against a green-screen. participants can even download their own personal video clip once the game is over.
  • Special features: The launch of the new F50 football boot
  • Times: Open all day
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Barrow Court, Victoria Wharf
  • Costs: Free to play and download video clip

MTN Fan Zone:

  • Description: Offering fans the opportunity to watch the FIFA World Cup matches, the more intimate MTN Fan Zone will provide the very best in ‘Sportainement’ to up to 500 football fans in the Clock Tower Square. live entertainment, plenty of giveaways and interactive on-screen and fans stage games are but some of the key activities set to afford an all encompassing viewing experience.
  • Times: From 11am daily
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Clock Tower Square
  • Costs: Free
  • Capacity: 400

Quay 4Four: Market plaza:

  • Description:Quay Four will be extending its restaurant in the V&A Waterfront during the FIFA World Cup by opening a ’Spectator Zone‘ on the Market plaza. Six big screens broadcasting all the live games, as well as reruns and highlights, are available for supporters to catch up on all the action. live entertainment will be provided on non-match days and there will be boerewors rolls, draught beers, ciders and various soft drinks for sale inside the venue.
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Market plaza (diagonally opposite the Amphitheatre)
  • Costs: Entrance is free, purchase vouchers inside for food and beverages
  • Extra information: live entertainment on non-match days, six big screen TVs available to watch matches
  • Capacity: 400 seated

Hyundai Spectator Zone:

  • Description: With its prime positioning at the Gateway Canal, the 5000 sqmt Hyundai Spectator Zone will entertain up to 2000 fans during the month-long tournament with large screen viewing, catering offerings and fan competitions.
  • Times: 11h00 – 01h00
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Gateway Canal, opposite Caltex Service Stations on Dock Road
  • Costs: R100 per person (package includes entertainment, food and beverage voucher)
  • Extra information: large screen to watch the live matches, live DJ
  • Capacity: 2000

The Lookout Spectator Zone:

  • Description: Offering includes Eagles’ Nest, lions’ Den and The Wine Bar.
  • Eagles’ Nest Being hailed as the city’s ‘party’ venue, the 800 sqmt Eagles’ Nest offers unprecedented views of Table Mountain, Cape Town Stadium and Robben Island. With its pub-like atmosphere, the venue will enhance the football fever through its line-up of DJs and live music while the games play-out on the surrounding big screen TVs.
  • lions’ Den Meanwhile, next door to the Eagles’ Nest is the lions’ Den: a South African-themed 800 sqmt marquee, offering local delicacies like kudu and springbok for curious visitors to tuck into. Local restaurants and wine will be showcased.
  • The Wine Bar Sushi, oysters, cheeses, olives and premium South African wines will be on offer to sample and enjoy at this venue. purchases by the case are available and will be delivered directly to your doorstep – both nationally and internationally – for a fee for postage and packaging. While a tasting fee will be applicable, it is fully refundable with a purchase of a case of wine from the relevant wine estate. Wine-by-the-glass sales are also on offer.
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: The Lookout Venue, Breakwater parking rooftop
  • Costs: R150 per person, tickets available at Computicket (From 15 May 2010)
  • Capacity: 2000

The Lookout: VIP rooftop marquee:

  • Description:The Lookout is set to become Cape Town’s most sought-after venue for discerning football fans to take in all the action of the FIFA World Cup, with its panoramic views of Cape Town Stadium, Table Mountain, Granger Bay and the V&A Waterfront and unparalleled luxury. Set in the new Granger Bay area of the V&A Waterfront, The Lookout is a rooftop marquee venue that boasts an exclusive VIP chalet and a cocktail lounge area that can accommodate 700 people. All-round glass side panelling guarantees picturesque views, while keeping the chilly Cape Town winter firmly at bay.
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Breakwater parking rooftop
  • Costs: (per person)
    • Opening Match Day package: R1 000
    • pool Match Day package: R900
    • Quarter-finals Day package: R1 000
    • Semi-finals Day package: R1 500
    • Finals Day package: R2 000

Check out the Crate Man:

  • Description: Located at the Bascule Bridge, kids will love the 12 metre high Crate Man made entirely from used Coke crates. The Crate Man has a strong recycling and environmental message and shows the little ones that fun can be had with just about anything
  • Times: Open all day
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Location: Bascule Bridge
  • Costs: Free

Waterfront Football Focus:

  • Description: Join the Football Fundi on the stage everyday where he will interview football movers and kickers. All FIFA World Cup matches will be reviewed, scores will be predicted, player reviews, and football trivia quiz games will be played. There will also be a jam-packed entertainment line-up, giveaways, juggling and sport competitions.
  • Times: Open all day
  • Dates: 11 June - 11 July 2010
  • Times: Daily from 12h00 till 14h00
  • Location: Amphitheatre
  • Costs: Free

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