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259 Cars Involved In German Autobahn Pileup

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At least 66 people have been injured in a mass pile-up involving 259 cars on a motorway in north Germany, police say.

Ten people are said to be fighting for their lives in hospital after the series of crashes on the A2 between Hanover and Peine on Sunday evening.

Police said the pile-up was believed to have been caused by a combination of heavy rain and excessive speed.

Rescue workers were busy throughout the night treating the injured and clearing damaged cars from the motorway.

"I have not seen anything like this before. I have seen many accidents but never a pile-up this size," said firefighter Klaus Wulfes.

One of the drivers said his car had been hit from behind and pushed into a ditch, from which his family were able to escape unharmed.

"All I did was turn around to check on my little son, our son. That was my only thought," he told the Reuters news agency.

That sounds really serious ! Was anyone killed in the incident ?

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66 persons were injured

- 10 had been in life danger, but are safe now

- 21 of the 66 were badly injured

In this pileup were 73 accidents involved - a bad thunderstorm with heavy rain in combination with high speed and too short gaps between the cars caused this pileup...


MDR - 66 injured in a pileup on motorway A2 (with video)

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Is it true there are no speed limits on German motorways?

well - that is a little complicated - generally there are no speed limits on German motorways, but on parts, which are "dangerous", are speed limits on motorways - that can be e.g. parts, where the motorways goes up and down over hills (like close to Kassel) or when there are many exits/on ramps (like at Bremen or Hamburg) - and there are many exeptions, where there are speed limits

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Coincidentally, I passed that scene yesterday in the opposite direction (Hanover-Berlin) -- and it was an unbelievable sight. There were three major pile-ups on a length of about 40 kilometres between Hämelerwald (a small town east of Hanover) and Brunswick, with many additional cars piled up in the traffic jams behind each of the three major pile-ups. They closed the motorway for the rescue works, so the traffic jams reached a total length of 30 kilometres. Many people were standing between their cars as they waited for the motorway to be opened again (which wasn't the case until this morning, about 12 hours after the accidents).

They say that that was the heaviest accident in the history of the motorway A 2 (which is one of the oldest German motorways, built in the 1930s). And boy, that was pretty obvious when you saw it. The drivers of the piled-up cars must have driven insanely despite the heavy rain. The A 2 is infamous for being a very accident-prone motorway since it's a major transit route between Western and Eastern Europe. That's why there's a 120 kilometres per hour limit in both directions between Hanover and Brunswick. But the major flaw of that stretch is that there are no electronic displays like these:


That way, police or whoever controls those electronic displays could have changed the speed limit to 100 kph or less when that heavy rain came down. 120 kph is much too high for the amounts of rain which occurred yesterday.

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