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Okay, I have been up since 8:00am EST July 5th, so I am really tired, so naturally it has taken along time to process an opinion about London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland being chosen as host city for the 30th Olympic Games in 2012.

My first thought is that their plan is very ambitious; trying to build an entire set of Olympic standard venues is very hard to do, look at Athens 2004, but with the experience of Manchester 2002 and especially venues like the Velodrome, I am at this moment confident that London will pull this games off with the best venues in history.

Second thought goes to the estimated cost of almost 16 billion dollars CND (figure stated by Dick Pound in an interview) for construction and infrastructure. This high cost is obviously because of the high value of the Pound Sterling, but still that is a lot of money. Not to mention a 2.4 billion pound cost to stage the games for 17 days in the summer of 2012. (gamesbids article about eco-games)

Third, is Manchester 2002 was an amazing games, well run, well organized, well planned, and overall one of the better games I have witnessed. So hopefully the execution that was delivered by the Manchester 2002 team is also presence in 2012.

Fourth, because of the Queen’s possible Diamond Jubilee in 2012 the games will ascend to become part of a very large celebration that will happen within the United Kingdom and for that matter the Commonwealth. So in a sence these games will have a added meaning to about 60 nations because of the importance of the year on a different scale, and this anniversary will also push London 2012 to do an amazing job, like the Golden Jubilee made Manchester aspire to make all of Britain proud.

Fifth, I am still not crazy about London’s plans, the Olympics should be experienced in the entire city not just a clump in one part of London, but this is a minor thing that will not detract from the games in general.

Sixth, I am happy that Switzerland is guaranteed a gold medal at these games, since Roger Federer will be only 30 and probably still on top on the grass courts of Wimbledon. Plus I really like the Wimbledon grounds and it will be an amazing venue for tennis.

Seventh, hopefully if golf is added the International Olympic Committee will allow London 2012 to use St. Andrew’s in Scotland if by chance golf is added.

Eighth, Congratulations to London 2012, and all the British members of the board, your presence on this board tells, at least me, that there is a level of dedication to the Olympic Games in the United Kingdom and that there will be no problems in pulling of a successful games. Welcome to the club of nations with Olympic Games on the horizon

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