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The Road To Berlin 2009

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After the very poor performance of the German athletes in Beijing (only one single bronze medal), there was a huge disappointment. But with the the good results at the Indoor championships the interest is rising again.

So, does anybody here like to chat about athletics?

I am curious!


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Well, the last Golden League-Season kicks off this weekend in Berlin. Probably the last time such an high profile meeting (apart from the WCh) takes place in Germany.


And the DLV has announced the German Team for the European Team Championship. It takes place in Leiria

Here is the German team:

M ä n n e r

100 m: Stefan Schwab (TSV Schwarzenbek)

200 m: Alexander Kosenkow (TV Wattenscheid 01)

400 m: Kamghe Gaba (LG Eintracht Frankfurt)

800 m: Sebastian Keiner (Erfurter LAC)

1.500 m: Stefan Eberhardt (LC Erfurt)

3.000 m: Arne Gabius (LAV asics Tübingen)

5.000 m: Christian Glatting (TV Wattenscheid 01)

110 m Hürden: Matthias Bühler (LG Offenburg)

400 m Hürden: Thomas Goller (TV Wattenscheid 01)

3.000 m Hindernis: Filmon Ghirmai (LAV asics Tübingen)

Hochsprung: Raul Spank (Dresdner SC 1898)

Stabhochsprung: Malte Mohr (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

Weitsprung: Nils Winter (Team Referenznetzwerk Leverkusen)

Dreisprung: Charles Friedek (Team Referenznetzwerk Leverkusen)

Kugel: Peter Sack (LAZ Leipzig)

Diskus: Robert Harting (SCC Berlin)

Hammer: Markus Esser (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

Speer: Mark Frank (1.LAV Rostock)

4 x 100 m: Stefan Schwab, Alexander Kosenkow, Till Helmke (TSV Friedberg-Fauerbach), Martin Keller (LAC Erdgas Chemnitz), Sebastian Ernst (TV Wattenscheid 01)

4 x 400 m: Kamghe Gaba, Thomas Schneider (SC Potsdam), Miguel Rigau (LG ASV/DSHS Köln), Simon Kirch (SV Schlau.com Saar 05 Saarbrücken), Florian Seitz (SCC Berlin)

F r a u e n

100 m: Verena Sailer (MTG Mannheim)

200 m: Cathleen Tschirch (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

400 m: Sorina Nwachukwu (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

800 m: Jana Hartmann (LG Olympia Dortmund)

1.500 m: Denise Krebs (TV Wattenscheid 01)

3.000 m: Simret Restle (LG Eintracht Frankfurt)

5.000 m: Sabrina Mockenhaupt (Kölner Verein f. Marathon)

100 m Hürden: Carolin Nytra (Bremer LT)

400 m Hürden: Fabienne Kohlmann (LG Karlstadt)

3.000 m Hindernis: Antje Möldner (SC Potsdam)

Hochsprung: Ariane Friedrich (LG Eintracht Frankfurt)

Stabhochsprung: Silke Spiegelburg (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

Weitsprung: Bianca Kappler (LC asics Rehlingen)

Dreisprung: Katja Demut (TuS Jena)

Kugel: Nadine Kleinert (SC Magdeburg)

Diskus: Nadine Müller (Hallesche Leichtathletik-Freunde)

Hammer: Betty Heidler (LG Eintracht Frankfurt)

Speer: Christina Obergföll (LG Offenburg)

4 x 100 m: Verena Sailer, Cathleen Tschirch, Marion Wagner (USC Mainz), Anne Möllinger (MTG Mannheim), Katja Wakan (TV Wattenscheid 01)

4 x 400 m: Sorina Nwachukwu, Fabienne Kohlmann, Claudia Hoffmann (SC Potsdam), Florence Ekpo-Umoh (Erfurter LAC), Janin Lindenberg (LG Nike Berlin)

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I see no one has an interest in one of the main sports of Olympic Games. Pity!

Nevertheless the (last) ISTAF is over with some good results. The best result for the home crowd was the new NR by Ariane Friedrich in the HJ (2,06m).

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Just wait until the WCH and the corresponding media coverage has started, and you'll find the chatters you're looking for. I wouldn't blame the other users for not feeling that WCH anticipation yet. Or do you even notice any form of anticipation here in the host country itself, Germany?

However, I expect the German team to perform at least equally as well as in Osaka (and thus much better than in Beijing). Perhaps, with the home advantage, they could even win one or even two additional gold medals. I also hope that Ariane Friedrich can meet the rising expectations. It's certainly also a heavy burden to go to the home WCH as national record holder.

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I wonder why Wattenscheid, Leverkusen, Frankfurt and Potsdam are so well in Athletics - maybe the coaches are so good that most of the athletes are in these clubs...

Well, it is the last season, that Bayer sponsors athletics. In the future Bayer will only support football. :blink:

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Well, it is the last season, that Bayer sponsors athletics. In the future Bayer will only support football. :blink:

... that is a "disaster" - it is interesting that most of the German athletes (generally) are not from huge cities, but from larger cities - I think that is a result of the vast choice of different leisure activities in huge cities...

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And the DLV has announced the German Team for the European Team Championship.

What did you make of the format? It seemed slightly strange to me and the sprints in the middle of distance races were just absurd.

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What did you make of the format? It seemed slightly strange to me and the sprints in the middle of distance races were just absurd.

Horrible, simply horrible! But the new rules for the field event are even more horrible. The only new rule I like is the new false start rule.

Thanks to the new rule with 12 teams an thanks to the (weak) Russians, Germany has won it.

But no athlete is pleased with the new rules. But EAA has already said, that they wont change them again. :angry:

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Is it just one false start and disqualification now? That always seemed to me to be more logical than the first one being against the whole field.

A false start means you are disqualified. Swimming has the same rule for years and there aren´t any problems.

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If you were going to change the original false start rule, which I never saw anything wrong with for the record, this was the only way to go. I hated the previous rule with a passion.

The format seemed to me to quite strange, but if it means one facet of the competition isn't going to be the one horse race the old Europa Cup was, that's no bad thing.

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74 German athletes have been nominated today. On August 2nd will be the final nomination.

The IAAF is not pleased with low number of sold tickets so far. But who wants to see Usain Bolt walking to a new WR? :blink: I wont even watch the 100m final on TV.

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If they're asking for that kind of money, I'm not surprised. I wouldn't pay £120 for a prime seat. Not a chance. I appreciate it's not the same sport but I've bought three tickets for one of the Ashes cricket tests over here next month and not paid that much more altogether and that was still probably over the odds.

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A nice tribute:

BERLIN: The epic long jump duel of the 1936 Olympics between American legend Jesse Owens and German favourite Luz Long is to be commemmorated at the forthcoming world championships in Berlin, the organisers announced on Wednesday.

A grand daughter of quadruple gold medal winning Owens, who died in 1980, and a son of Long, who died of his wounds in Sicily in World War II in 1943, will jointly present the medals for the men's long jump on August 22 in the same stadium where their forebears competed.

Owens, whose achievements at the Olympics severely embarrassed dictator Adolf Hitler who saw his claims the Aryan white race were superior to coloured athletes destroyed, was struggling to make the long jump final until Long went up to him and offered his advice.

Long told Owens to extend his run-up which he duly did and proceeded to qualify and then went on to take the title with a jump of 8.06 metres with the German taking silver. Long and Owens then went on a lap of honour and walked arm in arm past the box which held the horrified leaders of the ruling Nazi Party.

'These world championships offer a unique opportunity to honour the friendship which was formed between Owens and Long,' commented Lamine Diack, president of the sport's govenring body the International Associaition of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Both their families have stayed in touch through the decades with Owens always meeting with the son of Long whenever he passed through Berlin.

The American athletes at the world championships, which run from August 15 to 23, will bear the initials of Jesse Owens (JO) on their shirts with the agreement of the IAAF. -AFP

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A nice tribute:

That's true. And what is particularly nice about that tribute: I'll be in the stadium on that night. I'm curious how the audience will react. I hope that the announcers explain beforehand which significance those two medal presenters' ancestors had. It's because I think that only a small minority still knows who Jesse Owens and especially Luz Long were.

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