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Alternative 2012 olympic race

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Sorry, computer crashed.....

Which city do you think would have won from the following:

Manchester (UK)

Lille (France)

St.Petersburg (Russia)

Seville (Spain)

San Francisco (USA)

I think these 5 cities would have been the most likely alternative, had London, Paris, Moscow, madrid and NYC not been put forward by those countries.

I think SAN FRANCISCO would have won this race.

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1-St. Petersburg (pourquoi pas? Great city and I hope next Russian candidate)

2-San Francisco




I don't think Sevilla will ever be close to host such a big event as the Olympic Games :sleepy: .

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St Petersburg is the most beautiful city I've ever been to - and I've been around a few times! - so would provide an amazing backdrop.

But San Francisco has the weather  :;):

Manchester provided the best ever Commonwealth Games and wouldn't find it too hard hosting, and Lille is 45 minutes from my house; but both are a tad too unglamorous in a field that includes the above 2 and Seville.

My heart says St Pete's, my brain says San Francisco with Sevilla as backup.

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This would be a cake walk.  San Francisco on the first or second ballot.  Saint Petersburg might be close behind.  I think the IOC would rather have a London bid over Manchester, a Paris bid over Lille and Madrid or Barcelona over Seville.

The only way I can see smaller cities coping with the Olympics is if they are right on the sea and can house cruise ships for temporary visitor accommodations.

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