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New Frontiers Olympic Competition!

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We are calling for applicants for the 2028 New Frontier Olympic Summer Games!

How this will work is simple.


Nominate your host city - I want you to really think outside the box!!

Your host city can be anywhere you want – but we are looking for new cities. We want the weird and wacky – the wonderful and the sublime. I want Baghdad VS Murcia VS Antananarivo VS some shithole in Uzbekistan. This is your chance to go ape-crazy! You can chose any 24 Olympic sports - add at least three of your liking that are not in the current line up. Delete whatever you want - but there must be a 27 sport minimum programme!

Submit a single page summary of your bid - no more or less. List your venues and add a paragraph or two explaining your bid and why you claim they should host the 2028 Olympic Games. These are required to be sent to me at nyc2012@gmail.com (a word doc is fine - no need to pdf).

I will compile these into a report and a shortlist if necessary.

A logo is purely optional at this point.

NO BID WILL BE JUDGED ON IT'S BUDGET PLANS! A favourable nod will be given if it is within the realm of possibility and a pass can be given to a purely fantastical bid!

Entries close in about a week or so.


Produce a brochure. You should include venue photos, plans etc whatever you feel is necessary. You will need to announce what dates you plan to host the Olympics. You will need to include further justification for your bid. This can be submitted via word doc or PDF. I will post these online prior to the final vote the format of which will be determined shortly.

At this point you'll need a logo

These will be due at a date to be announced.


I will not accept bids from anywhere remotely possible – such as Madrid, Tokyo, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Dublin or Boise...

I am open to dual nation bids – with no limit on how many countries can be involved. You must however select a candidate city that the bid falls under – example would be Barcelona but all of Spain sharing the team sports to utilise existing venues…

No submitting the same bid as last time! I have them all at home and will disqualify lazy buggers!! Aaron – Kiruna will not be considered! And yes I know Kiruna is a winter Games city – but still – no Kiruna!

So for now just claim your city and send me a single page summary.

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Pyongyang DPRK :P

Someone was bound to choose this.

A suggestion perhaps? If you choose to make this realistic, aka not kim jong ill style, then those arenas on that street they built for the supposed co-host 1988 Olympics? Sure they can be used in their current state at well below capacity, alternatively they could be demolished and rebuilt modern. new and in Olympic capacity. But to minimize costs and need for demolition, you can always just build a brand new main arena underneath such venues! :P

The hotel Ryugyong should be finished (unsafe? :P) by then!

I shall still go with Iqualuit, though changes may be afoot, and perhaps I'll change my mind by submission time.

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Scotguy - can you resend me yours - the file was corrupted apparently.

I've received the Springfield/Shelbyville bid :) :) I love it (being unbiased of course) - is it too late to make it a completely fictional city comp? Using real venues for satellite footy etc?

Too late?

Oh well!

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^Too late I think. Glad you approve, I of course am using a mix of known facts (from the episodes) and some fictional ones.

I hardly think a fully fictional comp would work as anyone can simply get out their Sim City city and claim that they got like most of the venues in place. :P

Well expect a nice bid book! :)

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True - but maybe for the next comp we'll do a full on fictional bid - I know Trashkanistan has just broken ground on a 300,000 seat stadium that will be used exclusively for drying corn (thrilling for spectators!!) and executions! Oh and for when Madonna tours of course.

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Is there still time? If there is, I think I would like to nominate Manila, Philippines. And when is the first set of "paperwork" due?

Actually, would the moon or Mars be accpetable places? I could do a multi-nation bid. I think I could come up with a swell bid for Moon-Mars 2028

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Djakarta withdraws.

(I got hospitalized w/ mild pneumonia a few days ago...so I'm behind with all my other 'deadlines'; have to take it easy...so that sh*thole city doesn't really deserve any more of my time.) Sorry.

Heal soon, M.!

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