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The Olympic Cauldron: Centre Of The Stadium

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When are we hearing the announcement of the winning bidder for construction of the Retractable Roof? There was talk it will be a company from Ontario, possibly Dominion Construction.

Or is the "Recession" going to convince the Government to scuttle the project?

If anything, the recession should be a better reason to build. They should be able to land a construction bid at a fraction of the price during the boom.

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Behold! The Olympic Cauldron.


Now bring a few arm chairs and curl on up with a good read and a cup of hot chocolate. I suggest maybe the Andrew Jennings classic "The Lords of The Rings" or perhaps Henny Penny?

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STFU already. You are an uneducated moron with no sense of reality. Seriously. I think someone should call the the mental health line for you and I am not saying that out of spite, I am saying that because you are obviously obsessive compulsive. You are classic OCD, it's not even funny and I beg someone to prove me wrong otherwise.

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I guess they want to make sure they have the right personnel for the Flame test:

The roof control room at Vancouver's Olympic stadium is undergoing a shakeup, 24 hours has learned.

B.C. Place Stadium workers were told July 7 that staff who double as operators of the air-supported roof and security guards must choose between the duties by early August. The reorganization will result in four full-time roof controllers and four-full-time security guards.

Workers are also offered transfers to another department or severance of one month's pay for each year worked, up to 18 months.

WorkSafeBC cited stadium operator B.C. Pavilion Corporation on April 9 because roof control workers were not properly trained. B.C. Place is seeking an internal replacement after the June 25 firing of control room supervisor Bob Maveety.

The roof ripped and collapsed under snow on Jan. 5, 2007 and will be replaced after the 2010 Winter Olympics by a retractable system as part of a $365 million renovation. The memo said "intensive training" on the existing roof would occur, though roof control jobs will evolve when renovations are finished in 2011.

"It is extremely important that the integrity of the existing roof be maintained until that time," the memo said.

General manager Howard Crosley did not return phone calls.


Howard Crosley never returns anyones phone calls.

OrangeVest would know why. He spent an hour and a half chatting it up with him at the Open House.

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Hate to sound like YV for a moment here, but just what is the organizing committee up to here?

This may sound a little out of left field but... could they be devising a way to light the cauldron inside BC Place, then have the cauldron ascend through an opening in the roof so it can be seen outside?

If that's what they're thinking, visually it would be stunning, but technically a challenge since they have to keep the exit hole in the roof closed until the cauldron rises.

Just rubbing my chin here thinking, nothing more.

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Good idea. All the air would rush through the opening and the roof would deflate.

Would look great on NBC's Today show the day after the roof comes down:

Matt Lauer: Hi this is Matt Lauer of NBC's Today Show live from Grouse Mountain. It appears there's a problem with the Stadium in Vancouver where the Opening Ceremonies are being held.

We've got a great view up here on Grouse Mountain so I'll just ask the cameraman to pan over to the Stadium. And.... where's the roof?

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If you have glasses, have a look at the shape of the lens. One side is convex in shape, the other side is concave.

The Stadium's roof is held up by positive pressure, meaning the roof is convex in shape. When deflated, it is concave in shape.

When deflated, all rainwater will collect in the center and the drain holes will have to be opened to let rain water drain off the roof and fall to the concrete floor.

This is precisely the purpose of the drain holes in the roof fabric, in case of such an emergency failure during heavy rain or snow.

This is exactly what happened during the last roof failure. Unfortunately it was winter, and it's been known to rain pretty heavy in Vancouver during winter.

It was not a pretty scene watching the floor and concourses being flooded with rain water.

Any sort of work that has to be done to the exterior roof panels in anticipation of 2010 that would necessitate the roof being deflated would have to happen during the dry summer months.

Summer's over folks.

The fire's gonna be lit inside the dome, and it'll have to be a pretty small and cool temperature one, likely methane.

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