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2014 in 2012 votes

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now was 2012 race comes to a close and countries in europe and asia wanting to bid for 2014 think about who they will vote for in 2012.

1) Sweden - who will it vote for will it want to vote London, Paris, Moscow being close. Or NYC, Madrid being much farther. And seeing it is in Europe it would be a back to back Europe games, but i cant say anything becuse Vancover 2010 - NYC 2012 so???

2) Austria - well it is really close to Paris so???

3) Andorra - isn't it close to Moscow???

4) Korea - will they vote NYC becuse of the nationa bond or will they not care becuse no asian city is bidding for 2012.

5) 2016 - will we start to have come ups of who will go for 2016 by the time 2005 votes come???

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yes but what i am saying for the countires wanting to bid in 2014 will they vote for a European City in 2012 becuse it would be a double back euope games or vote for america
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Unless they stuff it somehow, Pyeongchang has 2014 in a lock. It's the first non-Japanese city to make a credible bid for the Winter Games, and the IOC won't squander that.

I also think that the selection for the Winter and Summer Games are on somewhat different rotations.

S:2000 Aus 2004 Europe 2008 Asia 2012 Europe 2016 North Am (or S. Am or Africa, but probably not)

W: 1998 Asia 2002 North Am 2006 Europe 2010 North Am 2014 Asia  (unless perhaps Queenstown NZ or Buenos Aires or Santiago jump in with a solid bid)

So I hope Toronto rises from the ashes for 2016, and the the US picks another city characterized by infighting, egos and drama kweens.  :unclesam:  :o

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