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Brazil 2014 World Cup...

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Just Ok to me...

I can't understand why the red in the logos??? Something related to the political party in the presidency??? I hope not.

I'd rather to think this is a late tribute to the name of country: Brazil.

Brazil was named after Brazilwood, a plant used to get RED paint in the XVI century, and abundant in Brazil at that time.

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Now 3 of 4 main airports of Brazil have its administration and operations private, not public anymore.

Brazil Privatizes Airports, Raising $14 Billion

SÃO PAULO—Brazil raised $14 billion in a privatization of three major airports, a bid to speed modernization of overcrowded hubs before the country hosts soccer's 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Investor groups including a Brazilian pension fund, private construction firms and airport operators bid for concessions Monday to operate the international airport in São Paulo, Latin America's busiest, as well as growing hubs in the capital Brasilia and in Campinas for up to 30 years. The concessions require the firms to improve the airports. The sale of other long-term operating licenses are planned.


The airport serving São Paulo is among those being privatized.

Officials said strong demand for the concessions reflected heightened investor interest in one of the world's fastest growing airline markets. Brisk economic growth and record low unemployment have created millions of entrants into Brazil's middle class. That in turn has spurred air traffic growth of double-digit rates, with demand jumping 16% in 2011 to about 180 million passengers.

read more in http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204369404577207701246033194.html

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Bezzi, miss your updates!

Yeah, I don't bring the updates since November. It's because I'm kinda busy this summer. The beaches of Região dos Lagos are taking my free time. B)

While I prepare the update, here's a new image of the Amazonia Arena


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The layout change ruined the forum. Now the posts are merging even after some time and it is changing what I write. In the example above "img" became "20%" :angry:

Pictures from january

Belo Horizonte












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Spain launches 2014 World Cup commemorative coin



Acuñada en España moneda conmemorativa del Mundial de Brasil 2014

Madrid, 1 mar (EFE).- La Real Casa de la Moneda de España ha acuñado en plata de ley y un facial de 10 euros una moneda de colección conmemorativa del próximo Mundial de fútbol de Brasil 2014, anunció hoy este organismo.

En el anverso aparece la efigie del rey Juan Carlos I y el reverso reproduce un mapa mundial en el que se destaca a tres países: España, actual campeona del mundo, representada junto a la bandera nacional, Sudáfrica como último anfitrión y Brasil que acogerá el siguiente.

En el centro del mapa del mundo, en el espacio del océano Atlántico, aparece el trofeo de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA, en dorado con un baño de 975%. EFE


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World Cup 2014: Brazil to boycott Fifa's Jerome Valcke

Brazil says it will no longer deal with the secretary-general of football's world governing body, Fifa, following his "unacceptable" comments about preparations for the 2014 World Cup.

Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo insisted Fifa appoint someone else to work with Brazil on the competition.

Jerome Valcke had said Brazil needed a "kick up the backside".

He said the country appeared to be more concerned with winning the World Cup than organising it.

Mr Rebelo branded Mr Valcke's comments inappropriate and said Brazil would no longer welcome him to the country.

"In light of these statements, which are inadequate and unacceptable comments for any type of relationship, the Brazilian government is going to send a letter to Blatter telling him it no longer accepts Secretary-General Valcke as an interlocutor," Mr Rebelo said.

Brazil would work with other local Fifa organisers but not Mr Valcke, who Mr Rebelo said had contradicted comments Fifa itself had made after a visit in January.

"The secretary-general made an evaluation that does not correspond to the facts or the reality,'' Mr Rebelo added.

Mr Valcke had said during a visit to London: "I don't understand why things are not moving.

"The concern is that nothing is made or prepared to receive so many people, because the world wants to go to Brazil. I am sorry to say but things are not working in Brazil."

The Fifa secretary general also expressed frustration at delays in approving a law setting out the regulatory framework for the World Cup.

The World Cup bill - currently being considered by the Brazilian Congress - would lift a ban on alcohol sales in stadiums and limit discount ticket sales to students and pensioners.

But it has been opposed by lawmakers who say it gives Fifa too much power, as well as those who are against alcohol sales in stadiums on health and safety grounds.

The Brazilian government has always said it is determined to deliver a successful World Cup as well as a lasting legacy.

It is investing billions of dollars in building new stadiums and renovating old ones, as well as in transport infrastructure such as roads and airports.

The 2014 World Cup will be the first in South America since Argentina hosted the tournament in 1978, and the first in Brazil since 1950.


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For much less, RobH become against Teixeira...

But, at this very news, I can say Mr. Valcke was really not kind with Brazil.

It's up to him to press and ask for results, but "kick in the ass" is too much...

Anyway, despite some blah, blah, blah in the next days, specially coming from the British Media and its notorious inaccuracy about Brazil, also from two-faced Mr. Valcke, the World Cup preparation is at full steam (except Porto Alegre's Beira Rio stadium*), just follow SkyScraperCity and check by yourselves.

*Porto Alegre have a plan B, Arena do Gremio a full-FIFA requirements stadium expect to be ready November 2012.

One more thing: Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo really played the "pueril" by saying he would not accept some apologies from FIFA - this is utterly ridiculous from him.

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Valcke and Teixeira are one and the same; part of the FIFA old guard who can do no wrong. That this man was rehired by FIFA after the Mastercard scandal which he was central to is astonishing. I don't blame Brazil for not wanting much to do with him, but that's not much of an option given that Brazil is hosting a World Cup.

And can you please go one post without mentioning the British media? They're reporting these shaky relations between FIFA and Brazil in the same way that other media sources are. The World Cup preparations might be at full steam now but that's because they have to be. Like Athens 2004 Brazil spent years doing bugger all, spent a huge amount of of time working out their final stadium plan, spent years ratifying the World Cup bill etc. I'm not one to defned FIFA or Valcke, but they're right insofar as everything's much tighter than they'd like for this World Cup. Compare the initial preparations of Brazil to those of Russia for 2018. The contrast seems very stark. I'm glad Brazil is finally getting its act together but you can't blame the British media for reporting edginess within FIFA about how Brazil is doing. It's a fact FIFA are edgy about this world cup, not a fantasy of the British media.

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