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Brazil 2014 World Cup...

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And Jérome Valcke seems to be a real idiot. When he come to Brazil he said everything was in time and right. When he got back to Switzerland said a lot of **** of us...

Decide yourself Mr. Valcke and then make a statement.

I'd never heard much of this Valcke before all the FIFA scandals erupted. Sounds like he's really becoming Sepp's hatchet man.

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The opening round of Asian qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ kicked off on Wednesday, with home advantage playing a telling role in first-leg results. Six of the eight teams who played on home soil gained an all-important boost ahead of their return fixtures, which are set to take place on Sunday.

Asia's first round of qualifying (first-leg) results:

29 June

Malaysia 2-1 Chinese Taipei

Bangladesh 3-0 Pakistan

Cambodia 4-2 Laos

Sri Lanka 1-1 Philippines

Afghanistan 0-2 Palestine

Vietnam 6-0 Macau

Nepal 2-1 Timor Leste

Mongolia 1-0 Myanmar


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World Cup qualification: Asian Second Round

Thailand v Palestine

Lebanon v Bangladesh

China PR v Laos

Turkmenistan v Indonesia

Kuwait v Philippines

Oman v Myanmar

Saudi Arabia v Hong Kong

Iran v Maldives

Syria v Tajikistan

Qatar v Vietnam

Iraq v Yemen

Singapore v Malaysia

Uzbekistan v Kyrgyzstan

United Arab Emirates v India

Jordan v Nepal

first leg: july 23

2nd leg: july 28

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The external area is progressing quickly. Inside, they are in the foundations phase of the new of the stands. This step is really long and the advances are not so visible, but soon the stands will begin to climb very quickly.

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Galaxy of stars primed for Draw

Rio de Janeiro’s Marina da Gloria will provide the setting for the Preliminary Draw of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ on 30 July. And as you might expect of a country that has been crowned world champions five times, the host nation has lined up some famous names to help the show go with a swing.

The national teams of 166 member associations from five qualification zones – Africa, Asia, Europe, CONCACAF and Oceania – will go into the hat. No draw will be necessary for the CONMEBOL Zone, however, where teams face each other in a round-robin group.

Ten Brazilian players from different generations have been selected to assist FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke with the draw in each of the five regions.

Cafu, Neymar take care of Africa

The groups in the African Zone will be drawn by none other than Cafu, the captain of the team that conquered the world at Korea/Japan 2002, and the country’s latest sensation Neymar, a very strong candidate to make the Brazil squad for the big event in 2014.

Lending a hand with the Asian Zone will be Zico, a legendary figure with very strong ties to the continent, having played and coached in Japan before taking charge of the Japan side that appeared at Germany 2006. Supporting him will be another new boy with a bright future, Sao Paulo’s Lucas, who has broken into the national set-up.

Zagallo, Bastos in charge of CONCACAF Zone

A world champion as a player at Sweden 1958 and Chile 1962, and then as a coach at Mexico 1970 and as an assistant at USA 1994, national institution Mario Zagallo will be drawing names out of the hat in the CONCACAF Zone, as will the 21-year-old Fellipe Bastos, one of Vasco da Gama’s outstanding performers in their 2011 Brazilian Cup triumph.

Two great strikers will decide the fate of the OFC’s hopefuls: Bebeto, a world champion at USA 1994, and Lucas Piazon, one of the stars of the Seleçãozinha that has just finished fourth at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Mexico 2011.

O Fenomeno assists with Europe

Finally, Adryan, a team-mate of Piazon’s, will be joined in making the European draw by one of the greatest finishers of them all: Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima, O Fenomeno.

The eyes of the world will be on Brazil at the end of this month, as they will on many occasions in the next few years. And with so many stars of the past, present and future of Brazilian football on display, the Preliminary Draw is sure be a glittering occasion.


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The Local Organizing Committee announced today that has accepted the financial guarantees of the Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo. This was the last pendency related to the stadiums. The Committee also announced that the match schedule will be released in October.


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btw, Corinthians' stadium project just won 2 prizes in the mostimportant Award in Latin America, the VIII Grand Prix of corporative architecture.

Two categories:

- best sportive project

- best architectural project OVERALL in Brazil.

1.116 projects were included in the mix and our beautiful stadium just won it.

Congrats to the creator: Aníbal Coutinho and his group: CDC Arquitetos.

Source bellow (in portuguese).

Btw if you want to see exclusive pics and hear the most detailed info about our project then you can watch this video:


You'll need to learn portuguese, tho.

But there are a lot of pics there.

O escritório CDC Arquitetos, responsável pelo projeto do estádio do Corinthians, recebeu ontem em São Paulo o VIII Grande Prêmio de Arquitetura Corporativa em duas categorias: esportes e melhor projeto arquitetônico do país.

O Itaquerão, como é conhecido o estádio corintiano por conta de sua localização em Itaquera, na zona leste de São Paulo, concorreu com 1.116 trabalhos, entre eles a reformulação da Arena Palestra, do clube rival Palmeiras.

Baseado no Rio de Janeiro, o CDC Arquitetos é formado pelos sócios Aníbal Coutinho, Antonio Paulo Cordeiro e Lourenço Diegues. O Itaquerão é o quarto projeto que os arquitetos desenvolvem para o Corinthians, que já cogitou reformar o Pacaembu e o Parque São Jorge, na sede do clube.

A terraplanagem para a construção da nova arena começou no final de maio. O clube e a construtora Odebrecht, responsável pelo empreendimento, ainda precisam assinar o contrato para que as obras avancem.

Orçado entre R$ 700 milhões e R$ 1,07 bilhão, o estádio corintiano receberá incentivos de até R$ 420 milhões da prefeitura paulistana. A obra poderá contar ainda com R$ 400 milhões de financiamento do Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES).

I read some of the posts in this thread and I have to talk about danny's "vira-lata complex" quite disturbing.

you seem an inteligent guy but you post and thinks like a peon. Very sad.

go find a psychologist to work on your inferiority complex, and that's not an insult, seriously.

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Catra is back to judge others... (He is always right, forgot that).

The peace in threads are gone.

The external area is progressing quickly. Inside, they are in the foundations phase of the new of the stands. This step is really long and the advances are not so visible, but soon the stands will begin to climb very quickly.

Great, Mineirao is one of my favourite stadiums for this world cup. The renders got simple great.

Hope to see it ready as soon as possible. BH deserves a nice stadium! wink.gif

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(He is always right, forgot that).

see? your inferiority complex kicking in.

acorda pra vida, véio... Rio having events does not make you better than you really are. and not better than any paulistas, guys that you were calling out throughout this thread because SP didn't want to build a stadium that kept you proud of being brazilian in the minds of someone people you never met and never will met.

But I see you took my advice as an insult. What can I do? I'll keep trying to help guys like you.

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Not at all, Catra. cool.gif

Your negative-biased posts about Rio and Brazil and your already known behaviour, by theirselves, will prove my points.

Keep posting. You are so free to do that.

And really, don't try to make me anger.

I know so well how to use the ignore button and make you talk alone. wink.gif

"Quando um não quer, dois não brigam"

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I don't need to talk anything to make a city under civil war look bad. But I'll feel sorry for the tourists that gonna die prior and after the olympic, during it'll be hard because the deals the government made with the drug lords.

Anyway lets stay on topic, please. and no, I don't need your permission to talk about the Stadiums here, lol. who the **** you think you are?

Well, to the foreigners interested: bellow there's a video showing the first "foundation(?)" of Corinthians stadium being placed 20m deep into the ground. Not sure about the right word for "estaca". Can you help me here, Danny Brasileirin?

I'll post more pics in the following post.

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