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Brazil 2014 World Cup...

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So will they be picking the cities based on the stadium design? I hope so.

The Recife one is quite ugly -- like a snake shedding its skin.

The rectangular ones look dorky.

The Cuiaba and Salvador ones look the best. THe other oval ones look graceful but are very cookie-cutter-type; I mean nothing particularly imaginative or original.

I'd love to see Frank Gehry design a stadium.

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Wwoowww!!! Forget my early post about Brasilia! They release a new update of their stadium project. This new project is beautiful and connect with the city's architecture. Brasilia are biding for the opening match and i think they are serious:










The stadium will change their name from "Mané Garrincha" to "Brasília National Stadium".

More stadiums updates coming soon :)

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The Host Cities will be announced this weekend in Nassau, Bahamas.

But there are some rumours claiming the hot info leaked. According to these unofficial sources, the cities are: Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Cuiabá and Salvador. The host city from the North Region (Amazon) is still uncertain. It's between Manaus, Belém and Rio Branco. If this is true, Campo Grande, Florianópolis and Goiânia are out of the race.

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And the sources were right! The host cities are:

Manaus (AM)

Fortaleza (CE)



Salvador (BA)

Cuiabá (MT)

Brasília (DF)

Belo Horizonte (MG)

São Paulo (SP)

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Curitiba (PR)

Porto Alegre (RS)

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Well, if Rio de Janeiro doesn't get the finals they will bitch till the WC get completely cancelled.

The opener is between São Paulo and Brasília. I heard Belo Horizonte is also trying.

For the semi's, I think it will be a bloody fight between the cities. Maybe Recife and Salvador in the Northeast and Porto Alegre and Curitiba in the South will try for those.

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This problem is soften with night games. I think the Manaus stadium will have the same problem, and Durban stadium for 2010 too. Anyway, the beauty of these stadiums make a good loss.

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New images of Manaus project. The stadium surroundings become more "green".



This garden with vitória-régias (waterlilys) is wonderful. :lol:

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