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Pescara 2009 - Xvi Mediterranean Games

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anyway pescara 2009 is a record breaker edition.

already said it has the highest number of athletes ever.

today President of CIJM Amar Addadì greeted the Organization despite some problems in the first times of candidature. he also said maybe the venues are a lil bit underestimated coz they are always full (expecially opening ceremony, pools for swimming events, beach volley events, etc.) and it is unexpected success.

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What importance have these Games for the participating nations?

It depends of the nations....

For main nations (France, Italy, Spain), they will match on some events (like swimming this year) and train in some others..

For other nations, this is the Games where they can try to be highlighted...

But at the end, it is most of the time a match between France & Italy !

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