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Olympic Indoor Stadium for 2008

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The National Indoor Stadium broke ground today. Liu Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Beijing Committee of the CPC and BOCOG President, and Wang Qishan, Beijing Mayor and BOCOG Executive President, attended the ground-breaking ceremony.

  The  National Indoor Stadium  will be the competition venue for the sports of gymnastics (artistic gymnastics is at another venue) and handball. This construction project mainly consists of a main structure and a warm-up gym nearby and other outdoor facilities. It occupies a total area of 6.87 hectares, with the overall construction space of about 80,900 square meters. The seating capacity of the National Indoor Stadium is 18,000.

  The creative design of the Indoor Stadium originates from a Chinese traditional folding fan. The construction of the venue will fully demonstrate the three concepts of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, namely Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics, and People’s Olympics, and it will be implemented in an economical way. Besides, the construction will fully consider the combination of function, environment friendliness and artistic design, and the post-game use, which will help to make ensure it not only meets the competition requirements but also lays a strong emphasis on energy-saving and environment friendliness.

  After the 2008 Olympic Games, the National Indoor Stadium will become first-class sports facilities for the local people, with both sports competition and entertainment functions.

  The venue is owned by Guoao Investment, which is selected through global bidding.

  The National Indoor Stadium was the sixth Olympic competition venue that starts construction, following the National Aquatic Center, the National Stadium, Laoshan Velodrome, Beijing Shooting Range, Wukesong Sports and Culture Center.


the pix of National Indoor Stadium

from CCTV


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I just compared the photo shown here with the five finalists of the design competition.


And I don't think it is in any way close to any of the five.

Besides I have a feeling the bidding and picking procedure of the Indoor Stadium is not as open as the main stadium and the swimming venue.  And I have a feeling the Organizing Committee wants to save the indoor one for a local design institute.

Any thoughts?

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