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Annecy 2018

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Judging by this article and the comments the governement backing seems to me to be quite lukewarm.


It's common knowledge in France that Rama Yade's appointment to sport Secretary (she's not a fully fledged minister) was a way to sidetrack her and get her out of Bernard Kouchner's hair.

I'm not sure she's giving the job all her energy!

Nothing is said here that she is not backing the bid. The article is about the future meeting confirmed with her (hold on 7th September, where she confirmed the backing and financial support of the Government) and about the fact that French President should have cancelled a meeting at the beginning of september due to his calendar. That's sad, but not crucial at this stage.

Annecy has already met the Sport President advisor, Sophie Dion. And it has been confirmed that President Sarkozy will leed the Annecy 2018 delegation in Durban for the final presentation in july 2011.

Nothing new, all bidding cities have their opponents ! But it's funny to see that this is led by a woman not living in Annecy, not living in Haute Savoie... She is from Chambery (near Albertville) and she is complaining about some disagreements met during the 1992 games... she probably forgot all, the economic boosts of the Tarentaise valley & Albertville... all this improvement of road access, accomodation & public infrastructues that allow now Val d'Isere & "3 vallees" to be one the most famous place for ski of the world !

I am living part of the year, near Moutiers (the 1992 IBC venue) and I could confirm that our life is totally different since the Games. The infrastructues we had after the games, we would only get them now... almost 20 years after !!!

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In the meantime they seem to be making good use of their olympic amenities!!



The Villa Bau Village is not an olympic venue. It 3.5km far from the Olympic Stadium & the Olympic Swimming Complex (where they hold the last FINA World Champs).

In this article when they said "piscine olympique" (olympic swimming-pool) it in reference of the length of this pool : 50m. In french, it's a way to say that it is an official pool for competition with 50m....

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Today, September 15th 2009, first Executive Committee of Annecy 2018 bid committee.

They will validate the organisation of the committee and the work will start after that....

Under the Board announced in June (- Co Chairman : Jean-Luc RIGAUT (Mayor of Annecy) & Denis MASSEGLIA (NOC president) - Vice Chairman delegate : Christian MONTEIL (Haute Savoie president) - Ambassador : Antoine DENERIAZ (2006 Downhill Olympic Champion)), they have announced the 3 mains persons who will have in charge the technical bid and its administration :

- Roland Pascal, Haute-Savoie Head of services

- Michel Bouchot, Annecy General Services Director

- Hervé Madoré, French Sports Ministry


- Finance : Jean-Jacques Queyranne

- General secretary : Gilles Ziglioli

- Technical file & infrastructures : Gérard Peyrebrune

- Communication/marketing : Rémi Crépin

& the athletes

- Florence Masnada (Ski, Bronze medalist in Albertville 1992) & Aime Jacquet (Former coach of the Soccer French Team World Champion 1998 : Sports support group

- Gwendal Peizerat (Ice skating Olympic Champion 2002), Franck Riboud (Danone CEO) & Gilles Ziglioli (general secretary) : economic support group

- Jean-Pierre Vidal (Ski, Slalom Olympic Champion 2002) & Charles Magnier (Prioriterre, environmental NGO) : Environnment & Sustainable Development



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Oi, Frenchies...take a break. Save your energy and your goodwill for a Paris 2024.

You will have better chances there.

Sorry Baron, but if France is not present on the international stage, through a bid to the WOG for example... Paris could bid for a long time without no chance to win !

The race for 2018 would be a difficult one for France. By chance and good lobbying we could win, and all the nation would be proud and happy to welcome the world.

If we loose against Munchen or Pyeonchang, and have done a great race, we would have learn a lot and would be stronger for another bid in the future...

The 2012 defeat has been a disaster for the French sport & French NOC... The position of France on the international sport stage has totally decrease.... so everything has to be rebuilt and that start by bidding to all main sport events in the future, starting by those 2018 Winter Games.

We have to exist before everybody forgotten us...

If I was the French NOC... i will have bid for the 2014 WOG !!!!!

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Annecy has the best environement for Winter Bids... Munich isn't Alpine or winter city and Pyeongchang isn't ski or winter place for this game... Annecy has Chamonix Mt Blanc, Megeve, La CLusaz, Grand Bornand, Avoriaz, Flaine... It's the first place for winter travel in the world!!! What Else?

Bon ça va pas etre facile de gagner mais on a quand meme ce qui se fait de mieux dans le monde en ce qui concerne les sports d'hiver, c'est pas la Corée ou Munich qui peuvent rivaliser avec nous!!!

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Munich is a winter city!

Garmich is a winter city but not Munich, thera aren't mountain near Munich, Garmich it's about 1h20 to Munich, juste look photo, you don't see mountains... If you know Lyon in France, it's about the same distance between Lyon to Alps and Munich to Alps. But in France Nobody think than Lyon is a winter city.

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@ memorabilia,

do you know if Annecy has already sent its official "bid letter" to the IOC?

Yes letter sent at the beginning of september by the NOC to the IOC.

Annecy 2018 has been officialy invited to Copenhagen to assist to the host city election.

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