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Differences In Beijing Oc Broadcast

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Everyone! I have seen some parts of the CCTV broadcast of the Beijing OC! I think its better than the world feed....

Now, I'll see which is better!

I have a torrent software that can download various broadcasts of the ceremony. First I downloaded one broadcast, which was that of Hong Kong (TVB Cantonese broadcast). They took the world feed with their own graphics, and the anthems and songs played there (specifically Ode to the Motherland, the Chinese anthem, the official song "You and Me" and the Olympic Hymn) and the speeches (including Hu Jintao's declaration) were subtitled in traditional Chinese characters.

Now I'm downloading the CCTV version, I'm excited that it would be better than the world feed!

What do you think was better?

FACT: The TVB version also including the pre-OC features including studio links from Hong Kong and Beijing, interviews from just outside the Bird's Nest, a peek at their commentary area inside, and live points from various HK locations, including my most favorite, Hong Kong Disneyland, where the OC was seen on giant screens (at Disneyland a Mickey Mouse mascot was also there). When they counted down the last minute, the hosts in the studios and the personalities at the live points were joining in too!

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Rn't u being a little bit obssessed here? :blink: Do you speak, read and understand Chinese?

How can you really say one is better than the other if you don't understand the commentary being delivered? This is like apples and oranges. What's the big deal about using Chinese characters and titles to someone who doesn't understand them? That's just like watching a 'foreign film' with a totally alien set of subtitles and audio. :rolleyes: Unless that's your thing.

And in the end, it's just a matter of differing in a few shots. I have the Official DVD and their audience-reaction shots were really worse than the NBC and the CBC versions.

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