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Been a reader of this site for a while, finally decided to post.

There seems to be quite a bit of predicting on here about who is going to host the 2016 summer games so I thought that maybe all of you might like to place a bet on what ever city you're "sure" about.



I just have to wonder how the odds makers came up with these lists

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Wow, I don't know who's setting the odds on that first site - the Online Betting Guide _ but whoever it is is offering some crazy prices.

There's some really good odds on there for 2016 for anyone who's interested.

It has NYC and Chicago as the top two favourites at 8-1 and 9-1 respectively, followed by Sapporo (maybe they're looking at Aaron's bid?) on 9-1.

The best value bet, incredibly so especially it is the only truly decalreed bidder so far, is Tokyo on 41-1. That's seriously good odds!!!!

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