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Your absolute final rankings -

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Once Madrid is done, please post your final rankings for the cities here.

Obviously 1 is your expected winner.  This is based on everything - bid books, presentations - everything and will be your final unchangeable rankings until the vote!  Lets see who is closest!!

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OK, it is well known I am backing Moscow, but I don't think they did anything today to win it, thus my rankings will show Moscow a bit lower than some would expect from me, but I really think they did a great presentation but it was too little too late.

So overall - from 2003 to today...

1. London

Far and away in my opinion the best bid.  Stylish, perfectly timed, and even the last few days worth of snipy bitchiness directed towards Paris won't hurt them.

2. Madrid

The last presentation was professional, and while a bit dull, the vids worked better then anyone elses - even though you'd be hard pressed to guess the bidding city as it was nearly 50% Barcelona...  They had the best bid books, and one of the better venue plans.

3. NYC

Stadium project aside, they have been professional, and Hillary Clinton just knocked the ball out of the park tonight.  The IOC is always after the big bucks, and NYC will deliver the most out of the 5 bidders.  I will not be surprised if NYC wins - I expect it on one level, but hope London will prevail.

4. Paris

Great plans, good presentation, but they lack the WOW! factor for me.  Arguably the best paced bid, but after the 2012 Games, Paris will be left with few reminders.  I don't think Paris NEEDS these Games.  They may want them, but the other cities have a better claim.  As for the "3rd bid" argument, well, the UK has had 3 unsuccessful bids in recent history. Sevilla also missed out twice for Spain...  They may well win, but it wont be at all exciting to me.

5. Moscow

How I wanted them to just floor the IOC tonight.  The presentation was well paced, the ideas well presented, but as the aftermath showed, the IOC didn't care.  Easily my fave bid, but just dead in the water.  I think they'll be lucky to get more than 10 first round votes.

So thats my final two cents worth for the 2012 bidders - but I'll have a lot to say about the winner!

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  • London
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Madrid
  • Moscow

...and it will take 4 rounds of ballots.

It's my belief that Blair's comittment to spend a few days in Singapore personally talking to IOC delegates has had a major impact on this vote.  It clearly shows a level a government comittment to these Games.  The IOC delegates are well aware that he did this immediately prior to hosting the G-8.  It speaks volumes about how serious the UK is about this.

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I missed the Paris presentation, but I still remain unchanged in my thinking...

1 Paris

2 London


4 Madrid

5 Moscow

But I was most pleasantly surprised by the Madrid presentation - Queen Sofia and the Mayor were on target and the final video was touching.  I was a little disappointed by NYC.  NYC's was still a very good show and certainly had some heavy hitters batting for it - both in person and on video - but I was expecting a much more polished and slick visual presentation.  Moscow's presentation tried to tug at the heart strings and almost got there, but they were at a disadvantage in that they presented in a language that was clearly not their own.

But the evening's best performance.....Prince Albert in his role as the "Olymp-bitch".

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