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15th Fina World Championships In 2013

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BCN2013 launches brand new website created by gnuine

bcn2013 - 2013/04/29 15:11
The 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013 presents a brand new website, which was created and designed by the Catalan company Gnuine. Although the website of the Championships was launched over one and a half years ago, a change was required to support the huge web traffic as it is expected that millions of browsers will visit the online platform in the upcoming weeks and especially during the celebration of the World Championships, which will be held from 19 July to 4 August

© RFEN 2011 - All rights reserved

Gnuine is a Catalan company with almost 20 years of experience and has made fast progress in the field of advanced technologies, counting on important clients such as FC Barcelona, La Xarxa, La Vanguardia or the Liga ACB (Spain's men's professional basketball league). Gnuine has covered all stages of the website creation: design, layout, development, testing and systems applications.
Barcelona 2013 will use the online platform UbiquoSports to manage the content of the website of the Championships, which, due to the magnitude of the major sporting event, needed to cooperate with a global provider. UbiquoSports ensures a 100% availability of the solution, regardless of the number of visits. Gnuine's SAAS platform is cloud enabled and has an auto scalable infrastructure to adapt at the requests of each moment.
UbiquoSports is integrated with sports stats providers so the new platform will show real-time stats, results and rankings automatically. In 2007, Gnuine implanted Ruby on Rails framework to their projects. Following their ethic of being at vanguard in technology issues, Gnuine made a change to a more advanced language. Being always at vanguard of technological terms and free programming, Gnuine has become a benchmark in the sector.
Welcome ot the new website of the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013!
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Barcelona 2013 signs collaboration agreement with RCNB
bcn2013 - 2013/04/30 14:47
Fernando Carpena and Enrique Corominas signed an agreement with the Royal Barcelona Yacht Club. Open water swimming and high diving events to be held at facilities of the historic club

© RFEN/Miki

Fernando Carpena, co-president of the Barcelona 2013 Organizing Committee, and Enrique Corominas, president of the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona (RCNB), have signed a collaboration agreement today. The historic yacht club joins a long list of clubs located in Barcelona that cooperate with the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013, offering its sports facilities as venue for the major sporting event this upcoming summer. The contract was signed at the headquarters of RCNB, which is one of the most prestigious clubs in the Catalan capital.
Very closely located to the RCNB, the start and finish line of the open water swimming events will be set up at Moll de la Fusta. Also, the high diving competition will take place at the famous Port of Barcelona as a 30m high platform will be installed in the waters of the Royal Barcelona Yacht Club.
RCNB is a member-only yacht club that was established in 1876 and is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Spain. It is currently chaired by Enrique Corominas, a swimming expert and former president of the Catalan Swimming Federation.
The Barcelona 2013 open water swimming events will be held at Moll de la Fusta from 20 to 27 July while the high diving competition will take place on 29, 30 and 31 July. Both events are free-of-charge for spectators and fans of the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013.
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How will they host this even in 2015 in Kazan?

Well, they'll host it at Barcelona's open water swimming venue, the Moll de la Fusta. And if I understand it correctly, they build a diving tower for it. They can (and probably will) do exactly the same in Kazan, at its open water swimming venue, the Rowing Center on the Kaban Lake: http://kazan2015.com/?page_id=15.

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Australia sends 36 swimmers to Barcelona 2013 to shine at Palau Sant Jordi
bcn2013 - 2013/05/06 09:38
Australia, one of the world’s most successful swimming nations, is set to shine at the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013. Following a disastrous performance at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where the team from Down Under only claimed one gold medal, Swimming Australia named a smaller team to compete at the major sporting event this upcoming summer. While the Australia’s swimmers have many opportunities to climb the podium in the Catalan capital, the long term goal is the 2016 Olympics in Rio
© Steve Christo
Australia’s bad performance at the 2012 London Olympics has called for a drastic change, starting with a new sporting director as Michael Scott replaced Leigh Nugent earlier this year. After winning 20 medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Australia’s swim team only claimed one single gold medal at the Olympic Games in London last summer. Australia, where swimming is a very popular sport, seeks to catch up tough rivals like France, China and Brazil.
The first major change was to reduce the number of swimmers that will compete at the Barcelona 2013 World Championships, to be held from 19 July to 4 August. 36 swimmers, 21 of them men and 15 women, will compete at the Palau Sant Jordi while seven more swimmers have been selected for the open water swimming events at the Port of Barcelona (Moll de la Fusta). Although it seems like a big number of competitors compared to other countries, Australia will send ten athletes less to Barcelona than to the London Olympics. Swimming Australia not only came up with tougher qualifying standards for the national trials, but also caused a big surprise with a new 4x100m relay, which does not even include their fastest sprinter, James Magnussen.
In total, five swimmers will celebrate their debut in Barcelona: Graham, Grant Irvine, Emma McKeon, Ami Matsuo and Jordan Harrison. The latter is only 17-years-old and already the fastest Australian swimmer of all time in the 1,500m freestyle, an event that used to be dominated by his compatriots in the past (Konrads, Rose, Holland, Perkins and Hackett). Besides the many changes, star swimmers like Magnussen, Sprenger, Seebohm, Coutts, Hocking or Targett will once again represent the country at a big international event. Ian Thorpe, who had announced his intention to return to the sport, did not compete at the Australian Championships in Adelaide (trials for Barcelona 2013).
In Adelaide, Magnussen and Christian Sprenger (27) achieved the best results. Magnussen clocked 21.52 in the 50m free and 47.97 in the 100m free while breaststroke specialist Sprenger dominated his races, setting the best performance of the year in 50 and 100m (26.90 and 59.76, respectively). In the women’s competition, Alicia Coutts raced to two world best times of the season: 57.18 in 100m butterfly and 2:08.63 in 200 IM. Her teammate Belinda Hocking achieved a brilliant 2:07.17 in the 200m backstroke.
Australia’s swim team for the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013:
Men’s team
Pool: Matthew Abood, Ashley Delaney, Tommaso D’Orsogna, Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Alexander Graham, Jordan Harrison, Grant Irvine, Jarrod Killey, Mitch Larkin, Matson Lawson, James Magnussen, Cameron McEvoy, Ned McKendry, David McKeon, Brenton Rickard, James Roberts, Christian Sprenger, Matt Targett, Kenneth To, Chris Wright and Daniel Tranter.
Open water swimming: Simon Huitenga, Rhys Mainstone and Jarrod Poort.
Women’s team
Pool: Jessica Ashwood, Bronte Barratt, Bronte Campbell, Cate Campbell, Alicia Coutts, Brittany Elmslie, Sally Foster, Belinda Hocking, Samantha Marshall, Ami Matsuo, Emma McKeon, Meagen Nay, Kylie Palmer, Melanie Schlanger, Emily Seebohm.
Open water swimming: Danielle De Francesco, Melissa Gorman, Chelsea Gubecka and Bonnie MacDonald.


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Van der Burgh and Le Clos to lead South Africa’s swim team to Barcelona 2013
bcn2013 - 2013/05/09 15:51
South Africa will send a small team to the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013, including a group of 17 swimmers that will compete at the main competition venue, the Palau Sant Jordi. Seeking to repeat the successful result achieved at the 2012 London Olympics, breaststroker Cameron van der Burgh (in the picture at a competition in Barcelona in 2012) and butterfly specialist Chad le Clos are set to lead the team to the major sporting event this upcoming summer after they both claimed a gold medal in the British capital. South Africa’s swim team for Barcelona was named after the nationals in Port Elizabeth, where a problem in the swimming pool caused for a competition chaos

© RFEN /Jorge Andreu

South Africa was one of the smaller teams to obtain a brilliant result at the 2012 London Olympic Games. In the British capital, two springboks dominated their final to take home the gold medal: Cameron van der Burgh (100m breaststroke) and Chad le Clos (200m butterfly), the latter also won silver in the 100m race. Less than three months ahead of the Barcelona 2013 World Championships (19 July to 4 August), South Africa’s swimming federation has released the list of swimmers that will travel to Catalonia this upcoming summer. Van der Burgh and Le Clos will lead a squad of 17 swimmers (nine men and eight women) to Barcelona while six swimmers will represent the team in the open water competition, to be held at Moll de la Fusta.
A legendary veteran swimmer from South Africa is also set to participate at Barcelona 2013: Roland Schoeman, Olympic champion and former world record holder of the legendary 4x100m free relay team at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The coaching staff has also named two 17-year-old swimmers for the national team, Tara Nicholas and Kyna Pereira, while the youngest team member, Marlies Ross, is only aged 15.
Murky water at South Africa’s national trials, which were held in Port Elizabeth, forced a delay of the competition as a burst pipe at the pool turned the water green a day before the start of the championships. The competition continued two and a half days later but there were no finals. Swimmers were forced to clock the qualifying standards in the series.
On the road to the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013, South Africa’s swim team will get ready in Monte Carlo, following an invite of Charlene, Princess of Monaco, former South African swim star (maiden name: Wittstock) before getting married to Prince Albert.
Men’s team (pool competition): Myles Brown, Chad le Clos, Michael Mayer, Darren Murray, Roland Schoeman, Leith Shankland, Cameron van der Burgh, Gerhard Zandberg and Giulio Zorzi.
Women’s team (pool competition): Jessica Ashleigh-Cooper, Trudi Maree, Vanessa Mohr, Tara Nicholas, Kyna Pereira, Karin Prinsloo, Marlies Ross and Rene Warnes
Men’s team (open water swimming competition): Chad Ho, Troyden Prinsloo and Danie Marais
Women’s team (open water swimming competition): Michelle Weber, Clarice le Roux and Kyna Pereira
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Official list of high divers to participate at Barcelona 2013 World Championships
High diving - 2013/05/15 15:03
The official list of women to participate in the high diving competition of the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013 has already been released. On the road to the Red Bull World Series, which will host the women's cliff diving event for the first time in history, five high divers have been chosen to compete at the spectacular event that will be held at Moll de la Fusta (Port of Barcelona) this upcoming summer: Germany's Anna Bade (picture), Stephanie de Lima and Cesile Carlton (both from Canada), as well as American specialists Ginger Huber and Tara Hyer


Jacqueline Valente of Brazil and a third representative of the Canadian national team, Lysanne Richard, have not been officially confirmed yet and could be reserves, who will compete in the case that one of the above divers pulls out of the competition. The women's high diving final will take place on 30 July.
The 2013 Red Bull World Series will kick off on 25 May at one of the most spectacular settings on the tour in La Rochelle. On the road to the Barcelona 2013 World Championships, three more events will be held: in Copenhagen on 22 June, followed by a competition only one week later in Vila Franca o Campo and a last one on 14 July, to be held in Malcesine, a small municipality in the Province of Verona, Italy, which lies on the shores of Lake Garda.
There will be eight high diving judges in Barcelona. Among them is Spain's Julián Llinás, board member of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) and responsible for diving.
After the event held in Sydney, Australia, in January, the list of 14 men participating in the high diving competition was revealed: Garry Hunt (Great Britain), Orlando Duque (Colombia), Steve LoBue (USA), Artem Silchenko (Russia), David Colturi (USA), Jonathan Paredes (Mexico), Michal Navratil (Czech Republic), Blake Aldridge (Great Britain), Anatoliy Shabotenko (Ukraine), Matt Cowen (Great Britain), Cyrill eOumedjkane (France), Jorge Ferzuli (Mexico), Kent De Mond (USA) and Hassan Mouti (France). The two reserves are Poland's Kris Kolanus and Alain Kohl of Luxemburg.
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How high is "high jump"? I would hope 500 ft. high at least??

for the first time in Barcelona, High Diving (27m for men and 20m for women) will be part of the World Championships celebration


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Barcelona 2013 to boast Champions Wall at Planet Water Village
bcn2013 - 2013/05/21 11:55
Similar to the famous Hall of Fame of many sports, Barcelona 2013 will boast the Champions Wall during the celebration of the 15th FINA World Championships this upcoming summer. Located in the Planet Water Village, the world champions of all aquatic sports will add a signed picture to the big wall
© alcarenossalvamento
The Champions Wall is a huge puzzle that piece by piece will be put together throughout the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013. From 20 July to 4 August, the world champions of each sport (swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, high diving, water polo and open water swimming) will add their personally signed picture to the wall.
The Champions Wall will be set up at the Planet Water Village (PWV), which is located very close to the Olympic Stadium on Montjuic Mountain, offering swim fans and accredited people the opportunity to take a picture with the big stars of the FINA World Championships.
All Barcelona 2013 gold medalists will personally go to the PWV to add their picture to the puzzle and will also receive a copy to take home as a souvenir. Before putting the picture up on the Champions Wall, the athletes will signed the photograph.
Once the 15th FINA World Championships have concluded, the Champions Wall will form part of the Barcelona 2013 legacy.
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Reigning double world champion Cesar Cielo to lead strong Brazilian team to Barcelona 2013
2013/05/22 14:17
Brazil's Cesar Cielo will lead his national swimming team to 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013 this upcoming summer. The current world record holder in the 50 and 100m freestyle events is ready to defend two world championship titles in the Catalan capital. His teammate Thiago Pereira will be one of the hot favorites to win the 400 IM gold medal
After the conclusion of the national trials Brazil has released the official list of swimmers that will participate at the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013. Twenty-four swimmers are set to compete at the Palau Sant Jordi this upcoming summer from 28 July to 4 August. Reigning double world champion Cesar Cielo, who is the current world record holder in two events (50 and 100m free), and medley specialist Thiago Pereira, will lead the strong squad to the Catalan capital.
Although he will not race the 50m butterfly event, Cielo aims to defend the two crowns achieved at the FINA World Championships in Shanghai two years ago as he added the 50m free event. Following a knee surgery and rehabilitation last year, Cielo did not race in the 50 butterfly at the Brazilian world champ trials, giving up an opportunity to also defend his 50 butterfly title.
Thiago Pereira, who claimed the silver medal in the 400 IM at the 2012 London Olympics, will also be a great asset to the team, aiming to dominate his favorite event as well as the 200 individual medley competition. Two other Brazilian swimmers to watch out for at Barcelona 2013 are the recent standouts of the NCAA Division I men's championships: freestyle specialists Joao de Lucca and Marcelo Chierighini.
One of the team's top swimmers, world 50m breast champion Felipe Franca Silva, will not make it back on time for the Barcelona 2013 World Championships, having undergone an emergency appendectomy weeks before the qualifying meets.
An interesting fact: Nicolas Oliveira and Fernando Ernesto tied for second in the men's 100m free. Members of the Brazilian Swimming Federation still have to make a decision.
Brazil's men's and women's national swimming teams are listed below:
Men's team
50m free: Cesar Cielo, Marcelo Chierighini
100m free: Marcelo Chierighini,Nicolas Oliveira or Fernando Ernesto
200m free: Nicolas Oliveira
50m back: Daniel Orzechowski
200m back: Leonardo de Deus
50m butterfly: Nicholas Santos
200m butterfly: Leonardo de Deus
50m breast: João Gomes Junior
100m breast: João Gomes Junior, Felipe Lima
200 IM: Henrique Rodrigues,Thiago Pereira
400 IM: Thiago Pereira
4x100 medley: Chierighini, Oliveira, Santos, Bruno Fratus, Vinicius Waked
4x200 medley: Oliveira, Joao de Lucca, Waked, Santos
4x100 medley: Daniel Orzechowski , Joao Gomes Junior, Pereira, Chierighini.
Women's team
50m free: Graciele Hermann, Alessandra Marchioro
100m back: Etiene Medeiros
200 IM: Joanna Maranhao
400 IM: Joanna Maranhao
4x100 free: Daynara de Paula, Marchioro, Larissa Oliveira, Graciele Hermann.
4x200 free: Manuella Lyrio, Jessica Calvaheiro, Carolina Bilich, Larissa Oliveira.
4x100 medley: Etiene Medeiros, Beatriz Travalon, De Paula, Marchioro.


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Barcelona's 2013 Village to boast own currency
bcn2013 - 2013/06/11 08:26
The Barcelona 2013 Village will feature workshops for everyone, including events for the whole family during the morning, music and cultural activities through the afternoon and a great atmosphere at night, with live music and popular DJs, all that between 10 am up to 3am
The Village, which comprises the commercial zone of the event, is an exclusive area for everyone to meet in a pleasant environment during the 15th FINA World Championships, featuring four restaurants that offer a great variety of foods and drinks. The village will be located between the Olympic Stadium, the Picornell Pools and Palau Sant Jordi.
Visitors will not use euro as currency. The finest zone of Planet water will have its own currency, tokens which will be exchangeable in several locations around the village.
Several companies and organizations have already confirmed their attendance at the hospitality area to promote their brand. Members of three bids for the 2020 Olympics, Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo, will be present at Barcelona 2013, accompanied by IOC president Jacques Rogge.


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Details about Barcelona 2013 Opening Ceremony to be revealed on Tuesday
BCN2013 - 2013/07/05 13:34
The presentation will be held at the Barcelona City Council (Sala Lluís Companys) on Tuesday, 9 July. Maite Fandos, co-president of the Barcelona 2013 Organizing Committee, will chair the presentation. RPM, the catalan company in charge of producing the opening ceremony of the 15th FINA World Championships, and Hansel Cereza, director of the Barcelona 2013 ceremonies, will be present
The spectacular Opening Ceremony of the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013 will be presented at the Barcelona City Council on Tuesday, 9 July. Maite Fandos, co-president of the Barcelona 2013 Organizing Committee, will chair the presentation with only ten days to go until the long-awaited start of the major sporting event.
RPM Events, the Catalan company that will produce the Opening Ceremony of the 15th FINA World Championships, and Hansel Cereza, director of the Barcelona 2013 ceremonies, will attend next week's presentation. They will be accompanied by veteran scuba diver Eduard Ametlla (90), a Spanish pioneer in his sport.
The Barcelona 2013 Opening Ceremony will be held at the Palau Sant Jordi on 19 July (9:45pm).
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FINA raises the total Prize Money to US$3.1 million at Barcelona 2013
BCN2013 - 2013/07/09 17:40
Competitors at the 15th FINA World Championships will share a prize money pot of US$3.1 million, with the global governing body awarding nearly twice the amount as on offer at the 2011 edition. The Championships has never before seen such a high amount of prize money between so many athletes.
FINA announced that the prize money would be received by athletes and teams that place in the top six in five of the six aquatic disciplines disputed in Barcelona. High diving, making its world championship debut this month at the Moll de Fusta venue, will reward all its competitors, including those in the female category. The purse is an increase of more than $1.17 million from 2011.
Gold medalists in pool swimming races in Barcelona will receive $15,000 per event, with silver earning $10,000 and bronze medalists winning $5,000. The amounts for fourth, fifth and sixth place will be $4,000, $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. These amounts will be distributed evenly among the athletes in relay events.
Pool swimmers will have an added incentive: breaking a world record will earn them a $25,000 bonus on top of the $15,000 for winning the event. This bonus is separate from the $3.1 million in prize money, and will not be capped at a particular number of world records broken.
For swimmers with multiple podium possibilities, total prize money could easily reach into six figures by the end of the meet. North American, Ryan Lochte, who is primed to place in the top six in four individual events and three relays, could exceed the $168.000 that Katinka Hosszu (pictured with male champion, Kenneth To) collected as winner of the World Cup in 2012.
The prize distribution applies to open water swimming races and diving events as well. Synchronized swimming will follow the same payout schedule in solo and duet events. Team and free combination events offer more money: $30,000 for first place, with second getting $25,000 and third place earning $20,000. Fourth place earns $15,000, while fifth gets $10,000 and sixth place gets $5,000.
As for water polo, taking place in the Piscinas Bernat Picornell, the men's and women's gold medal teams each receive $60,000 to distribute among players. The teams that win silver in each gender get $40,000, with the bronze medalists earning $30,000. Fourth place finishers will share $20,000, with fifth place getting $10,000 and sixth place earning $5,000.
In the inaugural high diving event, all participants (14 men and 5 women) will receive some cash award for competing. The gold medalist in each gender will win $10,000 and the cash prizes for the remaining divers decreases by about $1,000 for each position.
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